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  1. Picked up golf again last year with all the extra time stemming from COVID. Played a lot and got my handi down to a 2.3. I've worked hard during the winter (workouts, hitting balls in my garage, stretching, etc etc) and my golf bag is almost complete (still waiting on my Ping G425 LST 3W, crazy equipment delays everywhere). I've registered for 8 amateur qualifiers in the NY/NJ area and I really can't be more excited about them. I'm also considering making a career change to teaching golf (if anyone feels knowledgable about routes I can take aside from PGA, would love to hear about them (USGTF, PGTAA, etc)). Anyone else getting into some competitive golf? What kinds of goals do you guys have for this season? We've had a lot of newcomers during this crazy pandemic and I'm sure a lot of them are here to stay. Meaning the courses will be packed again like last year. Im really going to make it a point this year to help and teach/guide newcomers to the game about proper golf etiquette (although I'm not quite sure if they're the same as when I first started playing). Bombs away!
  2. 1. Fort Lee, NJ 2. 2.3 3. Callaway Mavrik Aldila Rogue 130msi XStiff 4. Not sure. Would love some help with that! 5. I've loved KBS shafts in my irons for a while. Would love to see what they could do in my woods! 6. I would be brutally honest!
  3. Just got my red x2 back from scotty customs. Took a bit over 3 months (longer than i'd hoped) but I am happy with the results. Here are some pics
  4. I worked for a couple tour players in 2011-2013 (road manager / agent - got to go to all 4 majors in 2013), so i got to play with them quite often and i also spent a lot of time with them on the practice ranges at tour events and walk the courses during practice rounds. For me the biggest difference is (i'm sure many of you know) consistency and management. Their misses are light years better than any amateur.
  5. Lucky you! Wish I could do the same! Play well and hit em long!
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