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  1. Absolutely agree. Play what you want/like and the stick analogy is spot on.
  2. Recently got this off the WTB forum here and have to say the PM is amazing. Haven't shot any better because my driver is the problem, and I haven't gotten around to those protocols, but my wedges are absolutely pure after the first 5 protocols. Every shot is crisp, on line, and hit in the same part of the face. The protocols are difficult, and can be tedious, but they're worth the time and effort. You really get what you put into this. Can't wait to do this as much as possible now that we're in the offseason.
  3. Both seem similar although Planemate seems to have more protocols/videos and is more expensive. Thank you all.
  4. I might be the only one here hoping it isn’t a big improvement so I can save some money...
  5. Know it’s old but Accra Tour Z is amazing
  6. 18s! Truly nothing like a Mizuno in so many regards.
  7. Brand new 9* SIM driver still in the wrapper. Comes with tool and the shaft is the stock Diamana S limited 60S. Was able to pick up a slightly used head cover to replace the one I lost. Asking $450 (at a small loss) shipped to CONUS. Happy to sell head only for $375 as well and will keep the plastic on as best as possible. Got a Mizuno driver that I simply love and don’t need this anymore.
  8. Just joined the blade club after getting a set of MPs for a great price. 700+ pages of reading to do but I'm incredibly excited.
  9. Second this about TaylorMade getting you some decent-looking shots. I have the M5 5-wood with an Accra Tour Z ST 65 M4 and it is the easiest club that gets the ball up in the air with good results.
  10. Thanks for response! This was enlightening.
  11. What about the head was the problem? Genuinely curious as I am having a similar issue with a new (used) driver I got.
  12. There really is nothing like a Mizuno and I agree with @bombsabout your swing being good enough for 921s.
  13. Unfortunately, the last batch I got was only available in the matte so I'm playing those now. Gotta second @Minaretson how dirty and scuffed they get/. Fortunately, I basically got this batch of balls for free after stacking DSG coupons so I'm not cursing myself too much when I lose a ball.
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