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  1. Pair of Vokey SM 6 56-08M and 60-04L. Both have standard wedge shafts and MCC+4 Align midsize grips. Grips were put on in early February and used for one round before I went with a pair of 54-58 I got off of here. Small rock chips on the role of each but they don’t impact play at all. $135 (PP+shipping) for the pair
  2. Yeah, I was bummed to find this out. It seems like Golfdom still does good work but I am slowly teaching myself to do my own work.
  3. Totally get that the 20s feel amazing but it came down to looks and not springing for another set of irons for me. Performance wise, I didn’t see a consistent enough gain in ballspeed to warrant a new set. On feel, it was the 20s feeling GREAT vs the 18s feeling great so I decided to stick with what I got. Now, if I can suddenly snag a set of head only 20s for a cheap price...
  4. 18s > 20s for me but excited to see what they put out next
  5. BD's logical approach to the game is almost too extreme, but it is logical.
  6. I had no idea about Maltby, Wishon, etc. until a few months ago. I started playing in mid-20s, took a decade+ off, and only started getting serious two years ago. Marketing plays a big deal. Going back to marketing -- most amateurs don't know about the difference between .370 and .335. The marketing of a club, without the finer details, makes it easier to pull the trigger and buy a set of irons.
  7. So much more excited about this than the API. Hope they have good TV coverage this week...
  8. Was told to “get rid of some s***” but I keep buying s*** so here we are. Prices are PP and shipped USPS to the east coast. Please add $10 if going to the west (best) coast. Happy to make other shipping arrangements if desired. I’ve accumulated most of these items off of here over the last year or so and they’ve all been beaten out of the bag by new old arrivals. Not looking for trades. MP-25 | 3-PW | PX 5.5 3&4, PX LZ 6.0 5-PW| Lamkin Crossline Midsize grips : $OLD traded for this here as a backup set to lend to friends when they visit. COVID made sure that didn’t ha
  9. This is the truth. TMZ is somehow more accurate than some mainstream media news sources...
  10. Getting your own router and modem will save you tons over a year. Wish I could write off my internet as a business expense but that's a solid option for those that are able to.
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