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  1. Just discovered this thread somehow but figured this is the best place to ask this question. Where are the grass ranges in the area? I know of Blue Mash and Laurel Hill but was wondering if there are any others. Thanks!
  2. Mods, apologies for the last post. Didn’t realize I had my old post still open. MINT SWAG Deep Freeze blade cover. Recently found in some boxes as I finally unpacked from a move. Never gamed but can’t find the plastic so I can’t bring myself to call this brand new. Asking $125 $100 OBRO. Will ship out first thing tomorrow morning. Only trade interest is Velocore, Blue or Red, 6X with TM tip. I’d add $ in this potential trade.
  3. Low numbers and no logos. Asking $45 pp+shipped per box and willing to go down to $42.5 each if someone buys all 9 boxes.
  4. Very interesting discussion here but I want to point out the Morikawa and Na are Americans through and through. They both grew up in the states, spent their formative years on American courses, and play under the US flag in every competition. Na is an interesting case because his Korean is so good and he goes back frequently, but he’s American to everyone. There’s a story of him having to pay for a round in Korea because he was a PGA winner but not a KPGA winner.
  5. THIS. Gosh, what a disappointment...
  6. Finally unloading the last of my Mizuno gear as the bag is set for this year and I kept being told to get rid of stuff. All prices are PP and shipped to East Coast. Please add $10 to West Coast. MP-18 | 4-PW | PX6.0 + PX6.5 | $500 $450 $400 These were my gamers last season. Gash in the sole of the 6 iron from a hidden rock but everything else is in excellent condition given the age and gaming. Long story short, the 6.0 shafts were 0.5” short so I had extensions put in them to bring them back up to Mizuno standard. Adding a set of PX6.5 (no grips) I got off here as part of th
  7. thanks but heel strikes are not the problem at all. As stated earlier, my miss is high toe and I rarely hit towards the heel. Thankfully, TEE’s legendary warranty and customer service came through and they replaced the shaft in 3 business days.
  8. I thought these were all stiff tipped shafts but I never thought to go heavier. Thanks for the suggestion and time to go to BST...
  9. And these were all X shafts in the 60 g range.
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