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  1. I played yesterday with someone who has a 4.5 SM. They were very similar in size. It is definitely bigger than the 3.5
  2. Bag came today. It is really nice. My fully loaded ping hoofer lite was 24 to 25 pounds, this one fully loaded is 26 to 27 pounds. Strap systems seem similar. Ping has more cushion with the built in rain cover. The quality of the vessel is really nice and premium. WIll report back after a round or tow.
  3. I ordered an all black 6 way and since I live close to the company I am due to receive it today or tomorrow. I will report back . . .
  4. Thinking of getting one to replace the ping hoofer lite. I know it is heavier, but seems like this bag has thought of everything. Thoughts from the group??? Any owners, please let me know your thoughts!! Thank you!
  5. I am going to try a 14 way. i like hoofer, but the club tangle even when on cart is beyond annoying.
  6. After months with the hoofer lite the club tangle is getting to me. Has anyone tried the sun mountain 2.5 14 way? Looks like a good solution.
  7. Hi all - I keep going back and forth between these 2 sets (5-pw stock stiff flex). I like the look at address of the T200s better than the HMP, but think they HMP might be more forgiving. Thoughts on a longer term solution and to maintain a single digit handicap. Thanks!
  8. I am having the same debate. Have played both T200s and Hot Metal Pros 919. While the HMP seem more forgiving, I think the T200s are better long term and for a 10 handicapper. Thoughts? Are you still using T200s? Thank you.
  9. I have been using the HL now for the past 4 rounds. Going to stick with it. Great feel and tangle is not bothering me as much as I thought it would.
  10. does. but not sure that is the reason for tangle as much as the stand angle.
  11. HL is only a pound more fully loaded. the SM 3.5 was 22.2 pounds with everything and the HL is 23.6 pounds. Straps on the HL are much better IMO.
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