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  1. 3.5 I think is more expensive. Found the ping for $170
  2. To me biggest prob with hoofer is tangle and stand. Rest seems solid.
  3. Walked today with the Sm 3.5. Straps were good. Almost no club tangle when verticals and with stand out. Bag overall was nice and slightly lighter than ping. At end of the round I noticed the seem near the bottom base was starting to come apart. Quality is def a continued concern long term. Ping quality seems better with some extra weight and mire club tangle.
  4. Thank you. The few things I do not like on the 3.5 are the weak zippers and no cart pass though. Also worried about long term wear and tear.
  5. Yep, 7" top seems to me it will be tight to remove the clubs. Also, not a fan of single strap.
  6. If you could just pick one for walking / riding. Waking 60% of the time, which one would it be? Thank you.
  7. Anyone also consider the Vessel VLX STAND? Looks nice but single strap could be an issue! The white looks nice!
  8. Nice!! Lets us know. I am actually going to carry the SM 3.5 for a round tomorrow and see how that goes.
  9. How do you feel the bag tangle will be if you have 4 woods and a dual balance putter? Carrying a full 14 clubs. Thank you.
  10. Def a tangle when I was trying it out. To me the build seems superior to the SM3, just material, zippers, construction etc. but it is heavier
  11. yes, i am ocd as well and if it fell over, it would go nuts!!
  12. wow, def sounds like an issue. thanks for sharing! sounds like you are going to return? or does the good outway those issues?
  13. Is there an issue if you pull out the clubs while the bag is vertical? Also did if fall while it was leaned up against a wall?
  14. Also agree on the flimsiness of the bag, feels like the zippers will crumble in your hand.
  15. And the amount of weight didnt bother you? I walked 18 with the lite last week and liked the straps, but the tangle bothered me and the legs.
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