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  1. New to forum, new to GolfWRX. Having said that, hello! Live in Potomac/Gaithersburg MD, just emailed Bosdosh for the first time. Been seeing Jim Estes at Olney Golf Park, great teacher just need a new set of eyes. How is Bosdosh as an instructor, any anecdotal experience to share? Thank you!
  2. Just watched the TXG video on the Inesis Tour 900 ball, seems pretty similar as far as long game spin and penetrating tee flight, but higher mid iron spin and medium-high wedge spin on full shots if you were looking for similar ball at similar price with higher spin characteristics at the low end of the bag! Think its 29/doz. Hope you hit em well!
  3. I got to hit them recently. A solid few notes: SIM UDI easier to hit than p790 UDI, offers a little more forgiveness. Also, I swear it looks chunkier at address, maybe its the coloring of the black pad on the back but that may just be me. DHY is very much like the GAPR Mid, as I think someone mentioned. Good comparison but goes high and rocket far. Performance improvement from previous UDI and GAPR respectively, looks don't do it for me though but data is always KING!!!
  4. who doesn't love some good lead tape jobs though!
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