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  1. Up for sale today I have many goodies, all looking for new homes quickly! All prices include shipping! Dormie Workshop Driver headcover: Dark Grey with beautiful internal design, see photos! Looking for $SOLD Bettinardi Made in the USA Queen Bee purple headcover Looking for $SOLD, pending payment BB&F Co Acid Ferrules with branded pouch! Never seen a club, always been in pouch. Looking for $SOLD TWO Diamana Fairway Limited 75X shafts, both from SIM 3 woods (TM Tip) Never been hit, brand new, standard length Looki
  2. Looking for some additional/heavier head weights for cobra radspeed driver, does anyone know where to find? Thanks!!
  3. Up for sale is a Callaway Mavrik Sub-Zero 3 wood @ 15 degrees with a Fujikura Speeder 757 X, head cover included. Played only 4 rounds Excellent condition, with Golf Pride Z Cord standard grip. Looking for $OLD shipped!
  4. They are definitely lower launching than my s400's!! It is strange because technically speaking, as someone said earlier in the thread, there should not be a scenario in which launch is reduced and spin as well. Typically we would associate a lower launching shot with higher spin, right?! Anyways, they launch noticeably lower and the feel is very firm, similar to s400 in feel I suppose. I would say my distance control has certainly gotten better, could be the tools or the man, or both!
  5. Up for sale is a Taylormade Spider X white chalk slant neck 35 inch. Gamed for 2-3 months, some paint chipping but putter is in perfect performing shape! I WILL INCLUDE an additional putter grip of your choice for no extra charge (as long as it can be found at Golf Galaxy lol), as there is some wear on the current one! Just message me with what you would like. Looking for SOLD shipped!
  6. Bend the PW a degree or two weak if you're comfortable with that sort of adjustment! The industry trend of stronger lofts is great until the above situation arises, which it will! 46-47 is money range as far as loft goes to start the scoring clubs in my opinion.
  7. DG TI S400 player for 3 years, got some 610 125 S+ on the way in my new wedges. Will post updates and whatnot in about a month or so, lots of differing opinions on the thread so excited to see where my results fall into place!
  8. Yep, keeping 7-P in Mp20 MB. just looking for help in the long irons. I, like most here, am a tinkerer, and have been through HMB and MMC long iron testing. I appreciate the feedback, certainly contributed to my final decision!
  9. Thought that too, but during my fitting I couldn't seem to find any sort of groove with the MMC. Could have been turf interaction, the weighting as a result of the multimaterial construction, or anything. Just didn't love them. I have since purchased 921T in the 4-6, and keeping MP20 MB in 7-P. I think it combo's best for my game and the distance gaps are perfect. HMB too chunky, MMC didnt agree with me, MP long irons will stay in the garage for now. 921T Like the juuuuust right bowl of porridge!
  10. This is exactly what I was thinking, to the tee. Thank you for your response as I couldn't possibly resonate more. I love the Mb's, every single pure strike is just unfathomably good, but it's gonna be a cold and soft winter and these hands are prone to the occasional thin missile. Wish I could find some unused 919's, but I'm definitely looking around!
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