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  1. Probably a hot take, but I liked mid pines more than any course at Streamsong. Anyways, Midpines in the 90s is way underrated.
  2. My guesses. Some may be wrong 1. Sunningdale 2. no idea 3. Pinehurst 4. LACC 5. Kingston Heath 6. Royal Lytham 7. no idea 8. Bandon Dunes 9. Kapalua Plantation 10. no idea
  3. Looking back, probably the most fun I've had playing golf was on Bethpage Black. I just thought that the tumbling terrain, huge scale of the place, and challenge made for a really exciting round. Every hole was memorable to me. I realize this is probably a hot take since most people's idea of fun is probably something a bit easier, and maybe Bethpage would be more fun with some wider fairways, but for other reasons I had a ton of fun. Mid Pines was another really fun course and a bit less demanding off the tee. Very tricky around the greens and I had a blast trying to get creative with the short game. Also just really good vibes around there. Chill and makes you feel like you stepped back in time.
  4. Any one have any photos of Bethpage Black before the Rees Jones restoration? I've tried googling and nothing really shows up from before the restoration.
  5. Kiawah isn't exactly the place to go for a trip that "doesn't cost a fortune". It's upscale and has good restaurants but is in general a very calm and laid back place, so it might not have the type of nightlife you're looking for. BTW, renting a villa rather than staying at the hotel (The Sanctuary) will save you a lot of money. For the golf, there are 5 resort courses. The Ocean Course is the only one that's truly a world class course, but you'll definitely enjoy the others. The others are all pretty similar in quality (except for maybe oak point which I haven't played but have heard it's probably the weakest). It'd probably order them 1. Ocean Course 2. Turtle Point 3. Cougar Point 4. Osprey Point 5. Oak Point. It sounds like Pinehurst may make more sense for you guys. Staying at the Pinehurst resort is unfortunately probably even more expensive than Kiawah nowadays, but there are many excellent courses in the area unaffiliated with the resort. Mid Pines, Pine Needles, Tobacco Road, Dormie Club (going private soon, so probably won't be an option for you), Southern Pines, etc. . Rent an Aribnb and play these courses for way cheaper than it would cost to do a package at the Pinehurst resort or at Kiawah. If nightlife is more of a priority, Myrtle Beach is another option, but the golf won't be the same quality as Kiawah or Pinehurst. Honestly, it's probably not worth traveling from another country just to go to Myrtle Beach lol.
  6. It's about a 6 hour drive, but World Woods in Florida's got 2 very nice courses and there are others nearby.
  7. Anyone know the rules around getting onto the Dormie Club in Pinehurst? I know it's been public the past few years but is planning on going fully private sometime this year. I know they still accept some outside play (I think mostly through packages like Tobacco Road or Talamore), but is there a way to play without a package? There's nowhere online I can find to just book a tee time. It it worth calling or sending an email?
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