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  1. My brother played the original dri-tac and I wasn’t a fan of how squishy they were. He loved them though.
  2. I’ve played the pure pro and liked them pretty well. Saw they have a combo grip now that looks intriguing.
  3. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan. I’ve just been hitting balls pretty much every day and my hands are starting to pay for it. Might be chasing a unicorn but I’d love to find that same feel/performance without the wear on the hands.
  4. Been using Lamkin Player’s Cord since October and I like the feel and performance overall. Problem is, I’ve been practicing a lot more lately and my gloves and hands have been taking a beating. What’s everyone’s preferred grip that does well in moisture but doesn’t tear up your hands?
  5. No, he hits as many as needed to have five end up in the fairway or first cut, then switch drivers. Two sets each.
  6. Understood. I tried to make that clear in my post. I don’t fit people every day, so I was hoping to understand if - in addition to improving my swing - a particular shaft profile would be beneficial. Based on your response I’m assuming your advice would be to pick any shaft that feels good to me and change my swing to alter my ballflight?
  7. T200 is probably the current equivalent to what you’re playing. I’d go take a look through this thread as it covers a bunch of great options for you to look into:
  8. Ideally black or blue dot and 115-120 gram shafts. Let me know if anyone is ready to move on!
  9. I deliver too much loft with my irons, which has my launch angle quite high and my ball flight does seem to balloon at times. 7-iron around 92-94 mph, 20-22 degree launch, 6200-6500 backspin (indoors). Obviously the most important change is fixing my swing to get some shaft lean at impact - which I’m currently working on - but I’m curious if a different shaft could be beneficial as well. Currently playing Z785 with PX LZ 6.0 +1” over standard.
  10. As of right now, here’s the top 12 most mentioned irons: 9 votes ZX5 7 votes i210 6 votes T100 (not including T100S) ZX7 5 votes Z785 King Tour MiM 4 votes Forged Tec 921 Hot Metal Pro Apex P790 MP20 MMC 0311P
  11. They used the same shaft in both but replaced the weight in the Ping head to try to account for that.
  12. Gotcha. To be fair, they only show the qualified shots, so nobody really knows how poorly he hit the Ping. They just discuss it quite a lot on this video and you can see on the shot counter how many more swings it took him to finish the sets with the Ping
  13. Are you thinking it’s just coincidental that he struggled to make good contact with the Ping in each set but had no issues with the Tour Edge?
  14. Interesting. What if head weights remain the same?
  15. In my previous irons I had the PX PXi 6.0 playing +1/4”. I’m currently playing different shafts at +1” and like the length, but I’m considering going back to the PXi. If I was going to build a set at +1” this time around, would it make sense to go up to the 6.5 and SSx1? Looking to get a similar feel to the old set while increasing length by 3/4”.
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