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  1. Thanks you all for the answers! It makes sense to me that I should stick to the shaft that gives better results. How about when it comes to the stock shafts? I wonder why the guideline or soft rule for the shaft weight does not apply to the stock version of taylormade sim max driver and 3 wood. They are respectively 64g and 62g for the stiff flex (ventus blue)... I mean that they should follow at least the most common trend, right?
  2. I did a fitting on taylormade golf clubs (driver sim, wood 3, and hybrid 3) and I was recommended to use: - Driver SIM: Diamana s limited shaft stiff flex (65g) - Wood 3: Ventus blue 6 stiff flex (62g) - Hybrid 3: Ventus blue 7 stiff flex (76g) I felt good and got good numbers but I always heard that woods should be heavier than driver by 5-10 grams as well as hybrids should be heavier than woods by 5-10 grams. Also, I if you go for the stock option in taylormade clubs (driver, wood and hybrid), all shaft with Ventus, it happens the same, driver s
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