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  1. I'm struggling to get over the "look" of the Ping fairways. They look, to me, like someone stepped on them I'll 100% check out the Global Golf program, thank you! It's only gone from bad to worse the last coupe weeks, I'm getting more out of my utility 3 iron than I am from my 3w. I've inspected it, doesn't appear to be anything physically wrong with it but I hit one Saturday that was struck cleanly and failed to clear a bunker that was a 218 carry. No significant wind... it was odd.
  2. I live about 6 hours from Phoenix in NM and have a number of friends who live there. We typically meet up for Memorial Day each year with a couple we're close with and it's hot but not so hot that you're only thinking about how hot it is... August/September is hot enough that you don't care about golf. Everyone has given plenty of good tips for on the course... for lodging, get a place with a pool for evening swims. That time of year save the adult beverage consumption for sundown on the back patio or in the pool! 36 a day will be challenging unless your group is fairly young, fair
  3. I'm a golf junkie so I watch a ton of reviews and look at testing and all that, I think I'm pretty "up to speed" on what the major players bring to the table but I have a problem to solve and I'm not sure how to solve it... Getting demo clubs as a lefty in a smaller town in New Mexico isn't really an option and getting launch monitor time is challenging. My issue is that I'm not 100% sure of what "type" of 3w I'm looking for, I find that I use it off the tee most often on the main course I play but when I play elsewhere I need something I can hit into par 5s. I played a
  4. I'm sorry you don't have access to fittings or the equipment needed to perform them, I can sympathize as both a lefty (limited clubs) and living in a smaller city (limited launch monitors) that the resources here are not stellar. I think the main point I was trying to get across was that "your" swing is just that... yours and guys like Shiels and TXG are doing what they do with one purpose, drive viewership to their videos. TXG is a business so they get more technical and aspirational to convince you of their skill in fitting, Rick's viewership IS his business so he cranks out more
  5. Fellow lefty here, Don't write off the Cobra King Utility... I swapped my G410 Crossover for the Cobra last summer, the Ping is a super low launch, low spin monster but was unforgiving to my common miss, anything even remotely resembling a heavy shot was not good. Not a fat shot, just a whisker heavy... I tested the Cobra and it went straight into the bag, 10ish yards shorter than the Ping but miles easier to launch high and spin it for approach shots, easy to flight. This wasn't apples to Apples, the Ping is graphite shafted and I matched my Cobra to the (steel) shafts
  6. I'm truly sorry to hear it, I hope you find relief sooner than later. I know that chronic pain can change you as a person, keep your head up and keep looking for answers!
  7. I will admit I'm not, typically, what you'd consider a "reader of instructions" so I usually try, and fail, a few times before I go back and admit that I need to educate myself on the intended use... same story here. I jumped straight in and started with the 27/9 tone which felt brutally fast at first. I captured a few swings early that had me at nearly 4/1 with driver, about 3.5/1 with short irons but all were "slow" as I think my fastest backswing was around the 36 frame mark. After a step back and a little more digging into the app and a couple youtube videos I found from the gu
  8. Two rounds in, 4 or 5 practice sessions on full swing only as I'm currently working with my pro on short game and don't want to cross the wires. Today I fired off a tidy 76 (74 is my personal best at that course and that was making several ludicrous putts) with my "B" game, at best. Playing off a 6 I've ALWAYS fought the big miss, I've had several rounds with 4 birdies, two bogeys and a double and triple thrown in for good measure but today I played steady golf while I struggled with alignment, didn't hit a single ball "badly" just couldn't get anything going. No doubles, one birdi
  9. Coming from a smaller grip it 100% took some time to adjust... I'm now a full season into it and I cannot fathom going back to a skinny putter grip. As I've never played a superstroke or any other oversized putter grip, I cannot say if the gravity grip does anything "special" compared to those but it feels great to be able to increase my grip pressure from 6 feet and in to "lock out" and chance of the wrists influencing the stroke without worry of getting the putter face offline.
  10. Great to hear it! Just for some insight into my experience, it took about 6 weeks or so for the feeling of "pressure" to subside, I know that the pressure was "pain" before the shot and it was about that long before I trusted that I wasn't going to move slightly wrong and bring it all back. Here's to your recovery and enjoying golf!
  11. I got on a plane for a golf trip 48 hours after my second shot
  12. That procedure was a life changer for me, I had 2 epidural steroid injections into L4/L5 in 2018 and it has given me my life back. I could not sleep, sit in a car or a chair or stay "still" for more than about 10 minutes for almost 4 years. I did PT, core exercise, back specific exercises, TENS therapy, and at least a dozen other things with only minor, temporary relief. Golf wasn't even a consideration at that point because life was hard enough to get thru the day without lashing out at family/friends/coworkers... I hope it works for you as well as it has for me, I've been back at
  13. As a lefty that primarily practices at a crowded public range this happens more than I'd like and it's really tough to ignore when you're face on with your new "opponent." I'm no spring chicken but I can still move it a little and there are a handful of guys, including me, that are at the range pretty consistently. A handful of that handful are the "bros" that try to start this crap. By the time I get to driver on the range I'm in full pre-shot routine mode so I'm not rapid fire enough to draw their attention unless it's a particularly slow day. The unicorn of the bunch is the swol
  14. Not stepping up under pressure has to be the worst feeling for me, watching an opponent hit a great shot from a bad position and following up with a poor shot from a good position. In my regular game against a buddy a few weekends back, he hit a ridiculously good shot from a nasty FW bunker from 110 out to about 6 feet to a green that is bunkered short, dead left, and wet right or long... I dumped my 75 yard pitch from the center into the front bunker...
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