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  1. Anyone care to weigh in on the effect of a ball coming out of the rough and how that changes the math? Living in southern NM I'm no stranger to playing in wind (and at 3000 ft elevation) but I seem to be consistently surprised and baffled by it the closer I get to the green. Prime example, I had a ball in a moderate lie in the rough last week, dry but not "crispy" conditions, 115 to center and dead into a 20 mph wind. I played it as 140 and it went 130ish. Strike felt solid, flight was "normal" trajectory. I fully get that I caught a flier out of the rough... I just can't fathom ho
  2. My primary opponent is a 10, I play off 6 and he gets 2 a side, matches are very competitive... we play a $5 nassau with an extra $5 if you lose all 3, of probably 100 of these matches played, I'd guess that there is less than a $100 difference in total money exchanged. He's been a friend for over 20 years. Pro: He's a great human being, honest and doesn't take himself too seriously. Fun to play with and compete against, can take and dish jabs as well as anyone. Con: Loves to watch YouTube to work on his game... has a different "magic bullet" about once a month, refuses
  3. Decision making is key because confidence in your shot is key... indecision plus added pressure of competition is tough to overcome. Familiarity with pressure certainly helps but only if you steadily improve, if you play tournaments and consistently shoot way over your index you need to find a good headspace. DECADE helped me here, along with a few launch monitor sessions to really understand my carry distances. Accepting your misses is as important as accepting your striped shots.
  4. I'm about as "Joe Average" as they come in human beings and golfers. I've been through a couple iron fittings over the years and have been standard length and lie every single time. This is just nearsightedness on my part, length is absolutely part of the equation I'd love to see a breakdown of the club specs for the 6'9" cat that played in the Open, I'm sure it's out there somewhere... In the fat part of the bell curve for height, I see so many players who have their hands low at address/impact hit these screaming pull hooks with the toe of the club up in the air, even worse is
  5. Evnroll makes the best putters on the market A $350 putter shaft is dumb Everyone is capable of hitting X flex shafts Lie angle is the only important metric in club fitting You're probably not good enough to use those wedges "Feel" is just the sound a club makes, hit a Callaway Supersoft and "Everything feels like a Mizuno" Shaft flex and bend profile only impacts strike position Two extra layers of tape doesn't make a difference Golf gloves are a pointless mental exercise I could go on... love being able to air my unpopular opinions without
  6. I've used the paid version of SwingU for about 5 years now. I have no reasons to look for something else as I'm happy with it so I don't have a bunch of comparison info... Cost is pretty minimal, I think it's $20 or $25 a year, tournament mode to turn off slope/wind/club recommendations etc., accurate and responsive GPS on iOS, nice feature for unfamiliar courses is their "insights" that are crowdsourced into the app, if other users have provided feedback on a course or hole you can pull it up. Doesn't seem to be a battery hog, nice little companion app for Apple watch if that suit
  7. Having an older sibling kick my tail drove most of my competitive urges growing up Baseball, Tennis, and track/cross country at the high school level and competitive at the district level, middle of the pack at the state level. Washed out of baseball trying to walk on to a D1 program and picked up golf along with two friends in the same position. I believe that all 3 taught me plenty about how I handle golf, baseball teaches you that being down 3-0 after 1 inning isn't the end of the world, tennis is a great blend of power and placement, distance running teaches you to get past th
  8. In a similar boat here, 5 years of back pain did a number on me several years back and it took a while to figure it out, all good right now but it's always a fear. I walked and carried 80% of the time prior to the back problems, now ride close to 80%. Riding in a cart in a competitive scenario costs a couple strokes per 18 in my opinion, I am able to maintain focus better while walking and feel my body stays in an "athletic" state rather than full rest. My home course has the three biggest hills on the course on the last 4 holes with the 17th being an uphill long par 3 that is a co
  9. I think we may have conversed on this topic previously but I'm basically an unpaid salesperson at this point get the Total Game app for your phone and/or watch (I'm an Iphone/apple watch guy but it is available for Android as well). I think it was either $20 or $25... I never even bothered with precisely measuring my starting timing, I just began with the slowest backswing tones (30/10) on 3/4 swings and kept trying a faster set until I settled into a good feel for me. I landed on 21/7 and now use the app once or twice a week at the range for maintenance. They've added "focus" tones recently
  10. If the pin was in the location in that picture vs. tucked left, do you have a comfortable shot to play? If yes, just play that same shot and live with the fact that a tucked left pin makes that hole more challenging? If you have to hit a high soft 30 yarder in a match or some scenario where par isn't good enough, it's 100% a learnable shot and there's several ways to skin that cat. My short game isn't my strength so I'd play safer most of the time but I'd hit a LW with the face a little open (5-10 degrees) with aggressive acceleration through the ball at a target 5ish feet right o
  11. One final update here to feel like I've shared my final thoughts on this topic. I'm 100% sure I have lots of work to do but I'm on a good track. Since May 1st, 8 of 11 rounds played are in the 70s including a 72 on Sunday, only the second time in my life I played to level par, and the first one was on a 5300 yarder over 20 years ago. This was from 6700 yards and I made a 25 footer on the last to get there... and it wasn't at my home track. Over 3 rounds of golf Saturday thru Monday I played to a grand total of 6 over par on 3 different courses with 1 eagle and 9 birdie
  12. I'm going to find it best to say "Good day sir" and assume you're unpleasant to play 18 with. But I probably don't know what I'm talking about...
  13. I find it best to not assume anything about people you don't know on the internet...
  14. I'm going to be a little contrarian here, I mean no offense... I see this stat quoted a lot and it simply isn't applicable to the everyday golfer. I play off 6 and average 10 GIR with another 3 or 4 that are basic greenside chips or fringe putts. This is a "Tour stat" from courses that are set up to be (mostly) difficult from heavy rough, narrow fairways, and playing 460 yard+ par 4s. In my monthly golf association tournament we have several plus handicaps playing and they will routinely hit 14+ greens and the "misses" are greenside bunkers or chips/fringe putts. The co
  15. Another vote for the Diamana here... I had a matching iron shaft (KBS C Taper in X flex) in my driving iron and hated it. Tried a bunch of options and the Thump 105 in X feels and performs great, easy to control trajectory, no more high spinny shots and I find the center or the face more consistently. Definitely worth a demo.
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