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  1. I did this same thing but with a 17* G425 hybrid. Rarely bag my 3-wood most days, as the Hybrid is the more versatile club for me.
  2. I recently got fitted into Nippon 950 GH shafts in my irons (they are great), and have been noodling on what I should do with my wedges. Does anyone who plays lightweight iron shafts have any suggestions about how to progress into specialty wedges? My swingweights are on the light side, (high C's), and am wondering how to build out my wedges so they don't end up much heavier. I am playing stock Cleveland RTX-3 (the cb versions) in 56* and 60* and they feel significantly heavier to me now than my new p790 GW.
  3. P790 for me. Tried all the above mentioned in a fitting and had the best N/S dispersion of any of the clubs (for me). I tend to miss low or in the toe and lose very little on those misses.
  4. ha! My wedges still have some life left in them so I am not likely to upgrade until the winter anyway.
  5. I'd be interested to hear how you get along with them. I also play lightweight steel in my irons and have been wondering the same question as you about shaft in the glides.
  6. @Stoox Mine came in Monday and had my first range session with it this afternoon. From my first hit I knew it was going in the bag. Played around with the loft sleeve for about 45 minutes and settled on putting my 11.5 in the upright setting, down 1 click of loft, so 10.75*. Any lower loft was too open for my liking. To the eye it seemed to be going nearly as far as my driver with significantly better dispersion. I have a trackman session scheduled for tomorrow (indoors, unfortunately), so I am looking forward to seeing the difference with data.
  7. Funny, I made a late night purchase this weekend for one, 11.5 degree with the stock S shaft. Very much looking forward to giving it a go
  8. I know it is a weird time to ask with spring sprunging, but after playing my round today I am ready to retire my current pair of winter spikes. I have two pairs of spikeless that I like to wear in good weather, but in the PNW for half the year it can be pretty wet and muddy. What are folks preferred pair of winter/wet weather cleats that can hold up through some muddy conditions?
  9. I haven't rolled the new QB6, but I found the 2019 versions flange to be deeper (face to rear) than the ER2. I recall being kind of surprised by its width the first time I saw it.
  10. You, sir, have nailed my predicament on the head. I recently purchased a 2-hybrid with the intention of it replacing my 3-wood. I am likely to go with my 4-iron, but still need to figure out what to put in-between. Would love to hear how your experience goes!
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