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  1. For 2022, new subscribers to TGJ get $25 in store credit when they join using a referral code. That's a better deal than when new subscribers used to get an extra magazine. Here's a current referral code in case you like free money https://www.golfersjournal.com/referral/c515943900
  2. The Pinecrest simulator is looking pretty good right now. Haven't driven for two days, but may have to make a trip!
  3. I have a T20 55* in the "M" grind that I like. Looks like the T22 does not come in an "M" grind, so which T22 grind is the closest?
  4. What is the code and / or link?
  5. The Golfer's Journal has a solid schedule of events for 2022 this year: https://www.golfersjournal.com/tgj-events/ The event at Mid Pines, NC in April sold out in a couple of minutes so they added as second Mid Pines event in October. I'm going to try to play in a couple that are driving distance from me. You need to be a subscriber / member of TGJ to sign up for the events. If you're interested in TGJ, please use the referral code for extra swag: https://www.golfersjournal.com/referral/c515943900
  6. The best I could do was a happy hour beer outside for a work meeting. Looked like a great day to smack the ball around.
  7. If you join now, you will receive this year's annual gift which is a Link's and Kings putter headcover and you can choose between blade or mallet style. They did not directly replace the Linksoul cash which is a bummer, but they do give you an annual $25 in Linksoul cash when you renew and they do offer Golfer's Journal Linksoul discounts and you get a 20% discount to TGJ's merchandise which is mostly Linksoul gear. The quarterly magazine is still great and you get digital access to all the previous issues. They've also started to add a lot more events nationwide so your membership allows you to sign up for the events. Bottom line is that it is still a good deal, but it probably used to be a better deal with the Linksoul cash. If you decide to sign up, here's a referral code: https://www.golfersjournal.com/referral/c515943900
  8. The Linksoul cash went away. The annual gift this year was a leather Links and Kings putter headcover.
  9. I've only played OM twice thanks to this trip, but liked #11 as the Road hole template and liked #12 with the Redan green, but both 11 and 12 were tough holes. #14 was drivable / almost drivable during our second round with the strong tailwind from the green tees. We had 1 guy in our group drive it and couple others get close on the right side. #10 and #13 did not leave an impression with me and I had to look them up in my yardage book so agree with your point that it's a weaker stretch of holes at that part of the course.
  10. Last week, we had a caddy tell us that Keiser offered $10 million for the house, but this caddy also had lots of other dubious stories so who knows.
  11. Maybe it was supply chain issues or maybe it was because Bandon has been packed for months, but the onsite pro shops were pretty picked over. Unless you were a S or XXL, it was slim pickings for a lot of clothes. @eagle1997 bought a cool Pacific Dunes 1/4 zip and I was going to buy it on our last morning so we could be twinsies, but when I went back, it was down to all smalls.
  12. We did have great weather and I definitely overpacked with rain gear and layers, but no complaints. It was kind of fun to get some weather during our last day and last round just to get the full experience.
  13. I could see how Trails moves up over time in people's rankings. It's hard to overcome the ocean and the boldness that is PD, BD, OM and SR. Looks like golf.com just published their Top 100 courses in the world rankings and PD is #28, BD is #80 and BT is #91. I guess I'm a little surprised that OM did not make their top 100 as it seems like the kind of course that raters and / or golf course nerds would love: https://golf.com/travel/courses/top-100-courses-world-ranking-2021-2022/ Hope to get back to Bandon sooner rather than later and there are no bad options out there!
  14. Agree that conditions impact our rankings. Trails was in the worst conditions of the 5 with soggy fairways and bumpy greens, nothing bad in terms of "normal" golf conditions, but Trails condition was poor in comparison to the other 4. If I had to rank the courses by how I would split up 10 rounds, I would probably go: 3 rounds at PD 2 rounds at OM 2 rounds at SR 2 rounds at BD 1 round at BT If I called for a future reservation and had to play BT twice out of ten rounds, I would not be disappointed and probably would appreciate BT more after a few more rounds.
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