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  1. Great recap and great playing. @Ocgolfrick is probably still tired from carrying me during the four ball. Between the weather and putting my stupid rain bucket hat on and off 100 times, I couldn't get comfortable on the front and was mostly out there for comedic relief. After our win in four ball, I knew it was game time against my arch nemesis @aiyyer so I had to step up my game. We were evenly matched with aiyyer getting a 1/2 stroke on 16. The match started out close with aiyyer making a few clutch putts to take a 1 up lead early. We were all square through 4 holes and then
  2. In defense of my fellow Tall, @SullGolf was 2 - 1 on the day. The Smalls Team Captain was 0 - 3 going into the pole off and then had his Kirk Gibson moment. #teamtalls
  3. 1. City and State? - Annandale, VA 2. Handicap? - 8.8 3. Are you able to test equipment on a golf course with one week of its receipt? - Yes, absolutely! 4. Current Iron setup? - TaylorMade M5 with Nippon Modus3 stiff shafts 5. What is the top thing you look for when buying new irons? - Consistency, both distance wise and dispersion 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? - Yes!
  4. @aiyyer wanted to make a bet for a long drive contest which led to @Ocgolfrick & I doubling the initial bet since @aiyyer does not know the 7s involves a twist.
  5. I bought a pair of Nike LC4 golf shoes at Ross for $19.99 like 2-3 years ago. They were a dark navy color so I didn't know what to match them with and I never wore them. They were still new and I found them in my basement last week and sold them on EBay for $110 shipped. Crazy world. Might have got more money if they were used.
  6. 2nd Swing is like selling / trading in your car to the dealer. You'll do OK and it's easy. Selling on BST / EBay is like selling your car to a private party. It's going to take some more work and you have to deal with tire kickers, but you'll get more money. I've been selling on EBay during COVID and prices for used gear are up due to demand for golf. I've also started to just list items for a fixed price for 30 days vice doing an auction. Once people "watch" your item, you can make them an offer or they can make you and offer. I've also found that if you wait long enough o
  7. After Captain Sully's motivational speech, one of the smalls dropped out due to fear (and kidney stones) so the smalls are short one.
  8. 0211 irons are only $89 each. Or so a friend told me.
  9. We could have put in a Hive order and saved on shipping.
  10. PXG? Price seemed solid too at $150 with multiple shaft offerings.
  11. PXG makes a 15* driving iron and they could probably bend it a degree or two strong: https://www.pxg.com/en-us/clubs/driving-irons/0311-x-gen2
  12. $50 for this s*e*x*y beast! How can you say no to this? https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-ke4-fdi-hybrids/p/ma0305/
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