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  1. The 2022 Greens Fees now have a "Premium Day Guest." Any idea what the difference is between a Premium Day Guest and Day Guest?
  2. Oak Marr in Fairfax has a grass range that is open on the weekends and they have a large putting and chipping area.
  3. If you're in AACo and may stay near there, you could look into joining the Naval Academy course: https://usnagolf.com/ It is pretty much just a golf course and not a country club, but it's originally a William Flynn course that they just spent $5 million renovating. Andrew Green did the renovation and he's the same guy who just did Congressional. They probably have a waiting list for civilian members, but you could also check.
  4. Agree, FJ runs larger / bigger than Greyson.
  5. You can always order from Footjoy direct or the big online stores like Carl's Golfland and they have free shipping, free returns and free return shipping. I've ordered the same shoe in two different sizes from Carl's before and the returns are super easy and you get your money back quickly. Carl's often ships free 2-day so they are usually quicker than FJ direct and you can get 4% back from Rakuten with Carl's so that's $10 for a pair of shoes like these.
  6. There are still some sizes available online: https://www.fairwaystyles.com/footjoy_premiere-series-black-watch-packard_golf-shoe_shoes_white-purple-navy?siz=17&wid=2
  7. Which grind is closest to their current M grind?
  8. Maybe the John Deere will get a rain delay if we’re lucky.
  9. And now there’s a John Deere commercial.
  10. They are jumping back and forth now at least.
  11. They just said they are going to the John Deere. How can we watch the end of the Scottish Open in the US?
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