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  1. Funny thing about Founders Club is while the front 9 is garbage, I think the back 9 is very good. The first time I played there I couldn’t believe it was the same facility.
  2. Can’t answer your question, but the best glove out there is the TaylorMade Tour Preferred.
  3. Adidas 360 Textile is a great shoe but still in the 180.00 range. Saw where the S2G is on sale for 70.00 on the website.
  4. I only play courses I hate twice and it’s always on the same day........first time and last time!
  5. You are correct, it’s a merchandise shop. It’s also close to the 5th green.
  6. Some of my students have been to Steve’s school at TB and enjoyed it.
  7. Lots of walkers at BR and walking is allowed at any time.
  8. 4-5 in 790 6-PW in 770 1 degree strong Already have the 790’s. Will be 2 months before the 770’s arrive.
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