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  1. I loved the Taylormade m4 hybrids, very easy to hit, and can be found for pretty cheap.
  2. On todays episode of things I have to talk myself out of buying on the BST forum.... GLWS!
  3. I do this every time I check the BST forum page..... I feel your pain.
  4. I don't mind the ZITs in the masters pack but just do not see myself being able to pull them off sadly...
  5. looks like the ADG3 and victory tour 2s (for anyone who actually wants them) are both up on Nike
  6. If I had a thousand dollars... or however that song goes GLWS
  7. I have tried every driver to kick my G410 out of the bag because I am not the biggest fan of the sound, but with the way it performs over every other brand, I would be a fool to play anything else.
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