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  1. At this moment it is not available for GC3. Foresight is working on updating it with FSX Pro and Foresight Performance app FSX Mobile requires for FSX license to be activated which can only be done via a Windows PC
  2. Unfortunately this is the market for accurate data. There are several options to choose from if you want to go with this device. If not, there are plenty of other companies that you can go with.
  3. FSX has a ton of different practice ranges with plenty of different views. I think a ton of people are just unaware of all of the features. Here is the video of all of the different views.
  4. I also started with a Net Return. Was using it outdoors and eventually had the simulation screen along with the cover so I didn't have to break it down. It worked well but I had to bring it indoors cause it was right outside of my baby's window. Take your time and do it right. There are multiple ways and every set up is different. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.
  5. @kwettig this is from the main developers of GS pro. Their software is more demanding as it can display in 4K but you can change the graphics on the software options to handle whatever system you have. The other thing to consider is that laptop and desktop necessarily do not display the same even if they are using in this instance 3070 card. They are technically not the same card, Nvidia really should change this to make it less confusing. From my limited amount of knowledge, laptops work harder because of they are limited in power. Obviously people are still able to game with gaming laptops so that's something to consider. @Magnets care to chime in?
  6. Also stay away from Radeon graphics card. It will run but will crash often. My buddy is having this issue with FSX and FSX Pro.
  7. https://letsview.com/windows?fbclid=IwAR071ypu1SZaDWWvyZXEoiyPIesNYJYY0IraBUN2rlq6-6DeKxskFCgqiFk @Magnets I can't remember if this is the exact one but someone recommended something very similar and you can project to projector 16:9.
  8. go on YouTube. There are a couple videos out there.
  9. I think it's pretty demanding and laptops can overheat. Also suggested 3070 and up card!
  10. if you have an iPhone just use Airplay if you have it connected to a AppleTV
  11. if you ever plan on using GS Pro, I have been adviced to stay away from laptops.
  12. Someone used an app that you basically connect to FSX on your gaming PC and can control and view it on your Ipad. Let me search for it.
  13. you will be using FSX Mobile or FSX Pro. I'm going to hold off on a gaming PC until I either can get my paws on a solid deal or wait until after the holiday's and get a PC that didn't sell. Hopefully by then some of this crazy GPU market will slow down
  14. I agree that I hope the graphics are a lot better than the teaser. I would not be surprised if Vista Outdoors goes after a GS Pro. This is exactly what Trackman did with JNPG
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