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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. It looks like Laurel Hill is open, but no tee times earlier than 2pm.
  2. It is funny, I was actually more worried about wind, but every course I have called so far (in Maryland) has told me they will be closed tomorrow due to snow cover despite showing tee times online.
  3. I forgot to mention, we are looking for a place that is relatively equidistant to both of us... I am in Baltimore and he will be coming from picking something up from work in Silver Spring.
  4. My buddy in DC with 2 small kids, and generally no time off, randomly has tomorrow off and is looking to play. I don't see him as much as I like, so am willing to try to make something work... Does anyone have insight into what courses are in decent condition this week? It looks like several (Little Bennett, Rattlewood, Worthington Manor, etc) are closed due to poor conditions. I see Blue Mash is open. Also, if anyone has general knowledge about what area courses are less affected by wind, that would be very helpful as well, as tomorrow looks to be 15+ mph across the re
  5. While I do play better playing with better players, I generally have more fun playing with friends. When I play with friends who are better or close to my handicap all the better. The only time I am frustrated on the course is playing with bonafide jerks, or beginners who don't know when to pick up and call it for that hole. Once this guy I was randomly paired with got in a fight with a group of 4 women in front of us after he hit into them. We told him not to hit, but of course he didn't think he could hit it that far. Now I can't pretend I have never accidentally do
  6. I have been thinking about this very same thing, but for me, weather matters most. I am looking for a place with a high % of sunny 60s+ weather in March, but that just doesn't seem possible within a 5-6 hour range of DC/Baltimore.
  7. Believe me, I wish I could put the triple aside! Inconsistent sounds about right... after the straight - the next hole I got a birdie, then the next was a double.
  8. The par was last, I realized I needed the par to complete 'the cycle': Eagle, double, bogey, triple!, birdie, par
  9. Hah! Unfortunately the very next hole was a par 3, and I was too happy from my epic last hole to take it seriously.
  10. Long time listener, first time caller So I got my first eagle last weekend (learned when I was 8, but played more during COVID than the last 28 years combined), on hole #10. Then on the next 5 holes, I proceeded to get a birdie, par, bogey, double, triple (not in that order). Does this have a real name? I actually realized I was close to 'the cycle' and had to get a par to complete it, but still does this have a name? If not, why not?
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