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  1. They do i can see why people would be confused. Which look do you prefer?
  2. So clean! They’re honestly so nice i don’t even want to use them ? how did you muster up the courage?
  3. I feel ya. Welp I'm not opposed to buying another set of the full cavities if they're new and include the 2 iron. Still wondering If I want to game these ones i just bought. I'll get them refinished first of course. Just beautiful irons. The fulls and the splits.
  4. dang i definitely would have bought myself 1 if i had seen those! I’ve got a mint set of the split cavities with the two iron and always wanted the full cavities. Kinda disappointed but it is what it is !
  5. I just asked what the buy now price was and was told 470 (500 w shipping) The item had 5 watchers and I saw the clubs were listed as forged pro combo tour iron set which they're not. I figured the seller did not know what they had and wanted to buy quickly before they found out! I'm not sure about the market but I'll probably keep them i think!
  6. any clue if I got them for a good price?
  7. any clue if I got them for a good price?
  8. interesting...why are they always raw? I wonder how the seller got them if they don't even know what they are!
  9. Saw these on the bay. Had to snag them for $500. Are these the miura full cavity nike prototypes? They look a whole lot like them. I know they're not the clubs they are listed as. Any responses would be appreciated! A little beat up but nothing a little refinishing can't solve! Also, how much do these normally go for? Thank you all have a great day!
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