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  1. Thanks all, actually got on a track man today because I was so f——- up with the numbers lol. SS was 108-109 and I saw pretty different numbers. Ball speed was closer to 156-157. Spin was closer to 2800, AoA was about .5 down and Efficiency was 1.46ish. Im wondering like some of you mentioned if there may have been a preset I didn’t know about on the foresight. Numbers were what I would have expected on course. 275-280 total is me normally. Gonna work on AoA and speed and see if we can get a few more there. Appreciate all the insight!
  2. Just purchased a new 9 deg Callaway Mavrik SZ with Hzrdus smoke 6.0 shaft. Went to a Foresight simulator to give it a few hits and no matter what I did I could not get efficiencies above 1.36. I was smashing this thing and loved the feel so I’m excited to get it out on the course but my numbers just didn’t make sense to me, or maybe I’m way out of line with this set up. Avg SS - 111 mph Avg launch - 12-13 deg Avg ball speed - 148 mph Avg spin - 3300 ish Avg carry - 240 Avg total - 260 felt like I was smashing this too. Tried my old driver just t
  3. Playing up in New England (Maine), you need to be prepared for the cold fall mornings that change to 70 deg by noon. What kind of equipment changes (if any) do you make when in the cold? Played our first round in “cold” this weekend, teed off at 6:45 and 42 deg. We all noticed about 10 yds of difference and by the end of the round we were about back to normal yardages. Ball felt as hard as a rock early on! Looking forward to our first snow round!
  4. I love my stage 2 w/ stock shaft in it. Best advice I’ve gotten was if you find a fairway would you like, keep it in the bag for as long as you can! Not looking to change this guy out anytime soon!
  5. I haven’t tried those yet but have wanted to! I will say I have not found a ball that reacts quite the same to the bxs on shots inside 50 yards. Thing grows razor blades around the greens
  6. Started playing the BXS this year and saw a crazy increase in green side spin. Might try out the BX to maybe knock down a little spin. Tried out mizuno’s tour offering and I hated it. Thought I could save a little money but for an extra $8 per dozen go with Bridgestone or titleist.
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