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  1. Ooof. Karma getting Colin back for the 3 wood on the previous hole.
  2. I had one when they first came out. Awful thing.
  3. Trying to use language the majority might understand. I've just said to the wife I've been accused of being sophisticated. She's laughing.
  4. It does amuse me that people in the US seem aggrieved that people call them out for not calling The Open Championship, The Open Championship. Especially when you all get so butt hurt over people not respecting a flag
  5. Isn't it wonderful to watch golf with listening to drunk morons shouting rubbish.
  6. I press mute when McGinley is on. He's the worst commentator in all of sport
  7. In his post round interview. He said he did it just to annoy Octabogey.
  8. The rough looks nearly as thick and long as my home course. Can't wait to hear the pros complaining about it. Might save some of them whinging about Covid rules.
  9. Have you confused St Annes Old Links with St Andrews Old Course?
  10. Ignite 410 Driver. Wonderful thing.
  11. What about a mid round meltdown
  12. Apologies to everyone. I didn't think starting a thread about The Open would cause so much upset. I didn't realise you were such a delicate bunch. As for people crying about the Covid restrictions on players. They probably don't affect you, so why are you so butt hurt about it? There seems to be a lot of upset and/or angry people on the forum at the moment. If anyone need a chat or a virtual hug. DM me. Peace bro!
  13. A fifth major would be great. But it should be at a proper (goat track) muni. They have to play with rental clubs, a bag of random lake balls and can only use tees they find on the course. No caddies, no green books or yardage charts. Players turn up, put their ball in the chute and go off in 4 balls in that order.
  14. The Open will return to Royal St George’s for the first time since 2011, when an emotional Darren Clarke fulfilled his boyhood dream of becoming Champion Golfer of the Year. 10 Years after an emotional win for Clarke. Can Lee Westwood emulate his success? I feel this could be an ideal course for Lee to win a major on. Otherwise its hard to look to far past Rham going back to back in majors and becoming Champion Golfer of the Year.
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