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  1. I've just got to episode 16 of season 1. It's entertaining, but it started to feel like it's entirely scripted quite some time ago.
  2. 81 for the 3rd round in a row. Starting with a tripple isn't the best way to open a round. Playing a course for the first time that was short, but tight and tree lined with very small undulating greens. It was a lovely autumn day, despite being windy. The nature of the course meant club selection was difficult as the wind was swirling around. Oh and I used my new irons for the first time. I didn't strike them very well which was disappointing, but I did have my best driving round of the year.
  3. My best round of the year so far was a 77 off the tips at my club (6754 yards). Playing solo with an electric trolley it took me 2:20. I holed out every hole and was held up for half of the front 9. It's amazing the difference not having to look for a ball makes. Back in the days when I was decent, me and my BiL could play our 6000 yard course in 2 hours as a 2ball, and score well. I don't like to rush round as I enjoy my time playing golf and being outside. But, unless the conditions are extremely difficult, 3:30 is the longest a round should take. Recently I've played a few competitions at my club and the pace of play is glacial. The last monthly medal we were the last group and we were out there for 4:45. We waited on every shot, and that's with 10 minute tee spacing. It was depressing watching guys get a range finder out for every shot, when they've seemingly got no idea how far the ball will go, than take an age over deciding which club to use. Then stalk their putt for double like its a putt to win the open. Just hit the f kin ball. As Manolo says. You suck at golf, so suck faster.
  4. Got my i210s today and headed straight to the range. I thought they might be much harder work than my G400s but I was pleasantly surprised how easy they were to hit. The short irons were like throwing darts. The 5 iron will need practice. The most impressive thing was the consistency in the distance they go. The black dot may be a degree too upright for me, but we will see how they interact with real turf before making that decision.
  5. The guy I play golf with every week. I also play soccer with twice a week, and go out for once a week after Thursday soccer. Our wives both refer to us as the happy couple
  6. My home Course is St Ives (Hunts) Shot 90 in the end. But after the first hole I decided I was playing in full attack mode, going for some crazy shots though tiny gaps. I also 3 putted twice for pars . Playing more conservatively would have seen a mid 80s score. I wasn't striking it that well to score any better. I did putt well on the very tricky greens. Picking a favourite hole is tricky. The par 3s are all strong holes. Although I'd say the 1st isn't quite up there with the others. 16 is the signature I presume, but my favourite of them was the 3rd. I really like the way it was framed by the trees. If pushed I'd probably say the 5th was my favourite overall.
  7. Played Thetford a couple of weeks ago. Lovely course in a fantastic setting. The 1st hole kicked me in the nuts. Almost missed the ball and toed it into the trees right. And finally walked off with a 7 . Birdied the 2nd though. The par 3s are all strong holes. And you are right about the 18th. Especially with the sneaky bunker at the back of the green. I'll definitely be going back. Maybe for the winter open in November.
  8. My rule of thumb for anything over about 100yards. Hitting into the wind I use the distance to the back. If the wind is behind I use the distance to the front. The judgement then if how many clubs is the wind worth.
  9. The USA is obsessed with the military. Its part of the national psyche. But to have it plastered all over a golf tournament is cringe worthy in the extreme. Especially given the mess on the other side of the world.
  10. Just play. Its only rain. I play 9 holes on a Thursday evening and 18 on Sunday afternoon. So far this month, I've only managed 2 rounds that haven't had rain at some point. I'd much rather play golf in the rain, than not play at all.
  11. Sold an as new, 1997 Tel3 Newport 2 that had never seen a golf course just before prices went mental.
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