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  1. I've been to the US a number of times and met many people born and raised there who struggled to speak reasonable English!
  2. There was no specific mention of suspenders. Sienna Miller was wearing them as she came out of the bathroom.
  3. They are braces. Suspenders are very different. See the movie Layer Cake for a solid example of the latter.
  4. Being from Northern England I'm well used to playing in windy conditions. But two rounds have stuck in my mind Played a course called Whitby on the coast which was a couple of hours drive to get there. We had a mid morning tee time and had planned to get there early and have breakfast. When we got there the wind was howling. Had we not driven all the way there, we wouldn't have played. Went into the pro shop, where the pro told us the green staff had removed all the pins because they were worried about them blowing out, and they didn't think any one would be mad e
  5. Beef shortrib, yorkshire pudding, horseradish, beef and onion gravey to start. Fish (beer battered cod) and chips served with mushy peas or curry sauce, and bread and butter. With English breakfast tea. Sticky toffee pudding with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream.
  6. Can we include Spring pics in this thread? Some below of my home course yesterday evening. It was a beautiful day for the first round after lockdown. Unusually for these parts there wasn't a breath of wind. Pic 1 is the 1st green Pic 2 is the marsh in front of the 8th Pic 3 is looking back down the 9th
  7. Just about finished replacing all my old gear with more suitable equipment having returned to golf properly (covid lockdowns aside) last year. First round of the year tomorrow should be interesting. Waiting for my 54* and 58* Glide 3 Wedges to come back from Ping this week. Still not 100% convinced with the TS2 so will probably be looking at a driver fitting at some point in the summer.
  8. I presumed the US. But maybe its the the UK meaning. Which might explain why a few people are getting all bent out of shape over it .
  9. I'd tell you. But, you couldn't handle the truth!
  10. Yet you can't cope with seeing a man with his top of or in his underwear? I thought you military boys loved a bit of naked male bonding time?
  11. Do you think its unacceptable to see swimmers in their trunks on TV?
  12. So bad, yet you felt it ok to post photos of them? Honestly why does something like this bother people? Some of you need to get yourselves something proper to worry about.
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