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  1. Ping tip would be ideal but let me know what you got
  2. Bryson mentioned in the video that people did not know how to make good drivers until he and Kyle gave their input, so that was good to learn!
  3. Cash is much preferred, but if the trade was weighted in my favor I'd hear it out of course!
  4. Prices include shipping to CONUS. Sim 8*, minor paint damage near hosel- $240 sold Ventus Black 6x, TM tip, tipped 1", plays at 45", brand new MCC Teams blue/white grip, standard+2wraps - $240 sold Custom 2019 Scotty Phantom x12, black PVD, blue pantfill and assembly done by Embrace Putters. Stability Tour Black, brand new Iomic pistol grip, 35" - $900 Graphite Design AD DI 7x Titleist tip, used blue Lamkin cord grip,42.25" -$210 Like new Black Tour AD DI 7S TM Tip, 41.5", brand new MCC Teams +4 royal white midsize grip - $240 Black Tour AD DI 8X TM Tip, 42.5", tipped 1/2", brand new MCC teams +2 wraps - $225 Like new Ad Iz 85s hybrid with Ping adapter, 39.75", also new mcc teams+4 royal/white grip- $200- sold Like new AD DI 85s hybrid with Ping adapter, 39.25", new mcc+4 grip as well- $165 I have a 95S and 105S hybrid available as well, will add pics later. pin 11/9
  5. Grabbed a used one off the classifieds, if it doesn't work out you'll lose like $20 in shipping when you resell
  6. Prices include USA shipping, all heads have stock headcovers. Sim2 Max D 9* - $325 Sold Sim2 Ti 5w head+headcover- $250 Ping G425 2hy - $210- Sold Ping G425 3hy - $210 - will include a Ping 70s shaft for $230 shipped Callaway Apex 21 4i with Project X Util stiff shaft -$100 Ventus Red Velocore fwy 9X 41.5" tipped 1.5" - if you remove the Cobra tip, this is the Phil spec for the new Apex UW - $250 Sold Ventus Blue Velocore 8X hyb, TM tip 40.75" - $170- Sold Nippon GOST TX hybrid 38.75", TM tip - $160 Tensei Orange 80s hy 39", Ping tip - $old Callaway Apex UW 19* with Hz Black RDX stiff, stock build, new in package- $260 pin 10/19
  7. 9 out of 10 otolaryngologists recommend not hitting the G425 indoors without ear protection
  8. capifico22

    Apex UW

    Anyone gaming these yet? Haven't seen any on BST yet, could it mean everyone is falling instantly in love?
  9. It's the best club in my bag, low bullets whereas my driver spins up into the clouds
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