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  1. I actually just sold the 9x black! I do have a basically new 790 udi with a ventus black - I use it occasionally but would be open to discuss selling
  2. Miura TC-201 4 iron with Ventus Blue 10TX, BBF&CO ferrule, Golf Pride MCC Align ltd edition r/w/blue. 39" length - Head $old- shaft available for $180. Radspeed XB Kiawah Island 10.5 driver, head only $380 SIK JO C 35" length, face balanced, mint headcover $300 Miura Milled Tour 50* (bent to 51*) with Fujikura MCI125 solid, BBF&Co MrPeacockIII ferrule, brand new MCC+4 teams royal and white grip. $300 I hit this a few times but sticking with the SM8, the MCI shaft was installed last week. Ventus Red 9X 41.5" tipped 1.5", Cobra tip,
  3. If you got it and don't like it, I'd love to give it a try! Already have a shaft waiting so head only is fine with me!
  4. @mgb86Actually hooked me up with a separate PW head. What a seller here folks!!!
  5. If anyone gets theirs and doesn't like it, DM me to offload
  6. Very interested to know the tipping required to get it to fit .370 adapter. I have a Red9x that's already tipped 1.5" staring at me!
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