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  1. Alright team, having now played 2 rounds with my new i210s I can confirm they are outstanding irons (sounds like most people already knew this) Very forgiving, look great, feel great, spin and trajectory is as desired. Would fit a huge range of golfers I think, with the exception being those that want something with a smaller more bladey profile or those that want more distance and even more forgiveness
  2. For anyone thats interested, regarding i210 shipping at the moment. I ordered a 5-PW set with DG 120 x100 shafts on 16th November and I got a phonecall today to say they had just arrived at the proshop. Much quicker than the 12 week wait I was quoted at time of order. I am away on holiday until January 6th but will be posting some feedback here once I get the chance to hit them
  3. Ordered my i210 set last week, 5-P with DG 120 x100 shafts. Was told 12 weeks shipping time potentially! (Live in New Zealand). Hoping they get here sooner but not holding my breath Also well aware a replacement might come out just after I get these!
  4. Great Intel thanks. Well looks like I'm going to be ordering a set of i210s. Just need to decide whether I go PX LZ 6.0 shafts or DG 120 S300. Anyone have any feedback on those 2 shafts compared to each other?
  5. If you don't mind me asking, what's your swing speed/7 iron distance and what flex with the DG 120 did you go for??
  6. The 210s are sounding more and more like a done deal at my ping fitting next week
  7. What shafts did you go for and could you share any feedback on the no upcharge options which are available?
  8. Thanks for the replies. Not sure i can wait until next summer! Heard such great things about the I210s. Still concerned I might have buyers remorse if the next version are even better
  9. Any idea when the ping i210 irons will be replaced by a new version?
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