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  1. Simple explanation, and probably the most likely now that I think about it. Thanks for the input!
  2. Sounds like we're pretty similar only with different hands. I was never grossly over the top, but the shaft was too steep. I think I'm past that now which is why I think I'm seeing the grip issues now. I did try to strengthen my right hand a few weeks ago because I thought it might be better matchup. That was a disaster that I abandoned immediately. Huge hooks from that.
  3. Has anyone else had to weaken their grip as their overall swing mechanics improved? I’ve been working very hard at improving my swing over the past year, and I’ve noticed that as my swing improves, I’ve had to weaken my grip. I used to play with a pretty strong left hand, at least 3 1/2 knuckles. I’m starting to think this was a subconscious way of making somewhat decent contact due to other parts of my swing not being optimal. Strong always felt right and natural. Very recently I’ve been noticing more pull draws (but very well struck) and weakening my grip further really helps straighten them out. In the past I would slice it off the planet if I did this with driver, or hit weak fades with irons. I’m now at a pretty neutral left hand, barely two knuckles as I look down. It’s been really great over the past few range sessions. I tried to do this a year ago and thought that I needed to do the “motorcycle move” along with a more neutral grip, but that physically hurt my wrists so I stopped. Turns out I may not even need to think about my wrists in the golf swing now. Even at P6 with a weaker grip, the club face is in a great position and not open at all. Is this a bandaid or am I in a honeymoon phase with this change? Or does this make any sense at all? I read and watch so many videos with emphasis on wrist movements, bowing, etc. but I’m starting to think I should ignore those now and focus on setup, posture, pivot. Would love to get some opinions and find out if I’m crazy or not!
  4. I have similar issues with all clubs hitting into a net. I think it has to do with not having a target in the distance. Sorry I don't have any actionable advice on this, but I'd love to know a solution as well.
  5. I tried this just the other day but really couldn't get a feel for it. I understand it logically, but the feel is missing. Probably doing something wrong.
  6. Tried to work on getting the slide out a bit more. I've seen the AMG video and you're right, not exactly the same fault, but half of the same fault. I have noticed that bumping off the ball a bit in the takeaway does help shorten my swing. I didn't try to add this move in until the last 10 balls or so of my session and I was already pretty tired, so it's not perfect, but it's helping I think. I hit a handful of balls further than I ever have with this club. 8-iron DTL 8-iron face on I attached a comparison image of about P6 from 11/5 and today 11/9. Today on top in red shirt, 11/5 below. Not much difference with regards to the slide, but I think my chest looks more open at least. Work in progress. Thanks for everyone's help.
  7. This doesn't surprise me. I was one of those people at one point. The vast majority of people I see on the range don't use them, video or any training aids, so if you do, it's weird. It attracts attention, and a lot of people working on their swing are self-conscious enough already and don't need the extra looks from people. I now use video every time and have no shame at all because it beats any training aid ever invented, but I do see people look and check out what I'm doing.
  8. Thanks to everyone for your continued responses and ideas. I'm trying to get some of this hip slide out, and I've noticed that widening my stance helps a bit. I'm not sure if this is a bandaid or not yet, but I'll continue to experiment. Good news is that the fat shots are still gone, the distance gains I've been seeing are still here and the dispersion continues to be better. Just need to keep refining now. Here is a face on view from today. Work in progress.
  9. Thanks everyone for your replies last week. All very helpful. I've worked on this over the past few days and have decided that I definitely need to get rid of the flat backswing and get the hands higher, despite how difficult that has been for me in the past. Additionally I'm also now working on better extension and not letting my upper torso move so far off the ball. It feels like my head is moving towards the target, but it now stays pretty centered. My feel in the backswing is to forget everything except for feeling a stretch down my right side, from my hip to upper torso. The videos posted here are the first time I've been able to try the new moves out. I've been working on them without a club in the mirror for a few days. I didn't hit a single shot fat today, which is a first since probably forever. Overall it's much better. I feel I've consistently picked up at least 5 yards on this 8-iron and my misses are as long as my good shots before. Once I had this move feeling good I tried to hit a driver, and it's considerably longer. I'm carrying these range balls easily to the 275 flag out there, which is further than I've ever carried a ball at this range in more favorable weather where the ball carries more in general. I think I'm onto something here. I still need to work on P6 to impact more, and it's a little robotic looking, and not super smooth yet. The face on view below is still a little flippy but I think I can work that out now that I think I have a better backswing/pivot. Thanks again for all your help, it's been invaluable. 8 iron normal speed 8 iron (slow motion, same swing) And here is a face on view in slow motion, not the same as the top two swings, but same club, same day.
  10. Here is a face on video from a lesson that I had back in September. A lot has changed since then regarding setup, but it should be close with regards to arms and pivot. Pretty flippy now that I'm watching it back. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nw49DOrPRg8
  11. Thanks, this is really helpful and gives me a lot to chew on. When you say shorter arm motion, do you mean my arms are just overrunning the pivot? Or another way to put it, should I feel 3/4 swings to actually get a true full arm motion? If so that makes sense to me. With longer clubs I lose my spine angle at the top of the backswing because my arms are pulling around me so much that I have no choice to lose those angles. I think it's happening here with 8 iron too, but it's such a shorter swing anyway that it's hard to see. Getting my hands out from under my shoulders at setup to help reduce hand depth seems to match what some other people have implied as well. And thanks for those examples, the second one feels like it could be a good match for me and something to strive for. Very much appreciate all the replies. Thanks!
  12. Thanks everyone for your replies so far. Yeah, I agree my backswing is flat. I've tried to work on it in the past to get it a bit more upright but I can barely hit the ball from that position. The shallowing move is tough for me for some reason. With higher hands I come over the top big time. But I think it's the path forward. Just going to take a lot of reps to get there.
  13. Unfortunately, no. Not one that's current or where you can see the ball. The dividers at this driving range make a face on view difficult to capture. I'll try to get one on the course.
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