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  1. I guess that's what the rules stated so I take back what I previously said about it how it seemed greedy. Solid fiancé and family to be marrying into. GLWS!
  2. I want one but it kind of feels wrong to support this. Seems greedy to do 5 entries. I have no doubt they will sell though
  3. Shaft Options Ventus Blue 6-TX Ventus Blue 7-TX Ventus Blue 8-TX Ventus Red 7-TX Ventus Red 8-TX How To Enter - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes, Black 6X in Driver, Black 7X in 4 Wood, 10TX in Hybrid - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Blue 6-TX or 8-TX. Sorry they both sounds awesome to try - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Driver or 4 Wood
  4. Let me know if you have one and you want for it.
  5. I didn't realize you'd be able to pre-order these. Thanks for the heads up as I was able to get one
  6. Anyone have a new/unused one laying around they'd be willing to sell?
  7. I agree with this. Had the Ventus Black 7X in driver and while it's a good fit, it's a little too much weight for a driver shaft for me. Have since cut it down to give it a run in my 3 wood. At this point I still prefer GD Tour AD shafts over Ventus. I did the same as you guys. Started with the Black 7x in my driver but felt like I really had to work at it to get it to move. Dropped down to a 6x and loving the results. Wanted to find an 8x for my 4 wood but never could so stuck the 7x in there. So far it seems like its working
  8. Club Champion Denver Would like to see if this can shaft can improve twisting on off center putts Firm please
  9. I'm trying real hard to think of absolutely anything that will let me justify buying one of these
  10. I started with the black 7x in my driver to and uffda did I have to work at it. Dropped down to the black 6x in the driver and love it. I also the the black 10tx in my hybrid. My problem is I just picked up a 4 wood and dont know if I need the black 7x or 8x in there. I still have the 7x from my driver so that would be easiest but I like the idea of going from 6x to 8x to 10tx in terms of weight. I cant test it either because the 4wood is a fixed hosel. Looking at your bag configuration I think the 8x is the better choice tho
  11. I have a Black 6x in my Driver, and a Black 10tx in my 21° and love them. I tried the Black 7x in my Driver but really have to work at it to get a good ball flight. I recently picked up a 4 wood (fixed hosel) and am debating a Black 7x or 8x for it. Any one have any recommendations? I still have the 7x shaft so that would be easiest but I like the idea of transitioning from 6x to 8x to 10tx from a weight standpoint.
  12. Ohh La La. Those are some good looking wedges
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