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  1. How did you like that shaft in there? I just picked up a U500 and I need to reshaft it
  2. Those wedges are tempting. I'm sick of waiting for my md5 wedges on backorder
  3. Good point. We need that layout with the ability to click it and open up a full size picture. GLWS!
  4. I love how you did the pictures for these. This should be the standard going forward
  5. I saw this on ebay. Would have picked it up if it had a X-Stiff shaft. GLWS!
  6. Ordered a Callaway Jaws MD5 Raw 50 degree wedge Jan 26th. They said 6-8 weeks lead time, and now they told me its probably gonna be 8 more weeks.
  7. I don't know how you kept those new in the bag! Its impressive. I want/have to try everything I buy
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