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  1. That Glitch Headcovers is one of their best looking IMO
  2. $5 to anywhere in CONUS Scotty Cameron - Putting Path Tool - Misted Red - 2021 Vegas - Circle T New in Bag $old Scotty Cameron Aero Tool 2021 TCC Aero Alignment Tool - Bright Dip Gray Used Once. Selling because I prefer a boring regular ol ball marker $old
  3. In celebration of the US absolutely crushing the Ryder Cup I've decided to sell my both my Champions Choice Putters... or maybe because I'm buying a house. Both are 34" and still new in the bag. I can post more pictures if you need but I'm sure by now you already know what they look like Newport 2 $old Newport $old Newport remaining $900 obo
  4. I've bought few items here and sold some on the WTB form but this is my first ad so let me know if I did anything wrong here. I can send more pictures if needed. Let me know if I'm way off on prices. No trades Scotty Cameron T22 Fastback 1.5 35" Picked this up on here a while ago and used it on my putting mat. To much toe hang for me so passing it along. $850 $old Mitsubishi Tensei AV Silver 75 X Flex Graphite with Callaway Optifit 3 Hybrid Shaft. Played 40.00" in my Epic Flash 4h. I bought this off Callawaygolfpreowned.com and replaced the shaft as soon as I got it so I never even hit this $100 $60 obo Fujikura Pro 62 S-Flex. No adapter installed $50 $30 obo Club Cameron 2021 Headcover $80 $50 obo
  5. I wanted one of these putter but can get over the face. It seems distracting to me
  6. I like how you kept the price in typical SWAG fashion
  7. They are straight in and have not been stepped at all. The S400 wedge shafts all start at 37" then are cut down to length
  8. I play the X100 is my irons and S400 in wedges so wedge shafts are 2 grams heavier. I also go 2 swing weights heavier on my wedges. I like the feel of the heavier wedges. With the added weight I don't feel like I get "flippy" on chips
  9. I would really like that 6-TX but I cant justify buying it since I already have the 6-X
  10. I game my Black Menu and I'm amazed how good these putters feel. I want one of those Handsome One Raw Carbons so bad. One day...
  11. I guess that's what the rules stated so I take back what I previously said about it how it seemed greedy. Solid fiancé and family to be marrying into. GLWS!
  12. I want one but it kind of feels wrong to support this. Seems greedy to do 5 entries. I have no doubt they will sell though
  13. Shaft Options Ventus Blue 6-TX Ventus Blue 7-TX Ventus Blue 8-TX Ventus Red 7-TX Ventus Red 8-TX How To Enter - Have you hit a Ventus shaft yet? What model? Yes, Black 6X in Driver, Black 7X in 4 Wood, 10TX in Hybrid - What Ventus TX shaft do you want to win? Blue 6-TX or 8-TX. Sorry they both sounds awesome to try - What club in your bag would a Ventus TX go in? Driver or 4 Wood
  14. I didn't realize you'd be able to pre-order these. Thanks for the heads up as I was able to get one
  15. I agree with this. Had the Ventus Black 7X in driver and while it's a good fit, it's a little too much weight for a driver shaft for me. Have since cut it down to give it a run in my 3 wood. At this point I still prefer GD Tour AD shafts over Ventus. I did the same as you guys. Started with the Black 7x in my driver but felt like I really had to work at it to get it to move. Dropped down to a 6x and loving the results. Wanted to find an 8x for my 4 wood but never could so stuck the 7x in there. So far it seems like its working
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