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  1. Looking to trade drivers. Epic Max LS stock 10.5. In good shape. $340 shipped but really looking to trade Also have a graphite design tour ad vr with Callaway tip I’d be interested in trading with the head for a premium set up too. $250 otherwise. Looking to trade for a newer driver. Epic Max, Mizuno STZ, etc
  2. Ive heard that the cost Ping was paying to ship containers in have gone from 2-4k to 18-20k
  3. Looking to give these a try. For sure interested in a 60T. Possibly a 54 as well.
  4. Saw someone say they were hacked on a Wilson buy sell page
  5. Looking for something in the 60-67g range or so. Ventus red 6s is top of the list. Potentially interested in an autoflex. Open to others though
  6. Epic Max LS is very fade biased imo. I hook/overcook pretty much anything and I cant make this driver go left
  7. The Max LS is amazing to me. My miss is always way to the left. Kinda accidentally ended up trying this in a shop on trackman and missed everything a bit right (expected a draw). Took it to the course and kinda the same thing, had to flush it to get a baby draw out of it. For me its amazing as my miss being a bit right is way better than a quick hook falling out of the sky. Launches high and definitely seems like low spin. I just hit high bombs with it. I hit up like +8 on the ball and this driver flat out works What is even better about this is I was using the 50g shaft option too which led me to pick up a bit of swing speed all while still not going left. Only have 1 round with it but this thing may be in the bag for a very long time if this keeps up
  8. Just got this yesterday. Full disclosure I bought this new in wrapper but it does have a demo grip. I can change it if that’s a big deal for you 10.5 stock stiff Tensei Orange shaft. I have used this for maybe 20 range balls and 7 tee shots. Just like what I currently have better but still struggling. Does not come with cover $260 shipped but prefer to just trade for a different driver. Open to all brands except PXG as I have their Gen 2 and didn’t like the proto or gen 4. I can add cash for the right driver. Prefer 10.5*. Open to shaft. Thanks
  9. I buy a ton from them and have always gotten pretty good CS. I have heard plenty of stories on poor CS, I just havent experienced any yet
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