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  1. It shouldnt be that much of an offset difference. It will take away 2* of bounce though. Im guessing from an offset visual, these bent 2 strong would still look like less offset than the 921 Forged irons
  2. 2* stronger is a pretty sizable difference. If you bent your current irons 2* strong, your launch and spin would come down and probably be pretty close to those numbers that the other iron gave you
  3. Maybe its just me but I hit my proto 3 wood farther than my gen 2 3 wood. My proto 7 wood is coming in today and kicking the gen 2 out of the bag. Now Im not much of a high spin player and am a sweeper so maybe the additional spin is helping me but I find the proto 3 wood to be a rocket launcher. Proto hybrids coming in today as well (didnt hit gen 4 hybrids). Im thinking the Gen 4 all comes down to how much you spin the ball. If you are a high spin player, they may be for you but if you are low spin, I dont think they are great at all. Ive had the X and the XF. I did flush
  4. The looks are misleading. It is incredibly easy to square up and just as easy to lay wide open
  5. Older models are fine. IE1 preferred. Would consider I25. Would consider I200. I210 going to be more than what I want to spend so unless you are giving them away Im not interested in those. Black dot preferred. Red or orange could work too. Thanks
  6. I think Nippon may have the best iron shafts in the game. I have Gen 3 Tours right now and ordered the Elevate Tour Stiff because I was too cheap to pay the upcharge. Regret it. I am dropping my clubs off tonight to have them reshafted to modus 105. Modus 105 has worked for me in every set of irons I've ever had them in. They are the only shaft I can say that about.
  7. So I have played a round with the 60 now. I will preface this that in the past, these full face higher toe wedges like the Hi Toe Taylormade Wedges and the PM grind wedges, I have struggled with more 3/4 and full shots. They have just wanted to ride up the face and would go no where for me. Was strange as they were pretty good around the green (PM grind I couldnt get to spin) Ok now for the 60 Full Face Zipcore. It looks better than the wedges above at address. For 9* of bounce, this sits pretty low to the ground. I was disappointed when I saw it was 9* and then once I played
  8. I have a 60 and playing tomorrow with it. Will post my thoughts!
  9. I like the protos. I like the additional weight port in it. They are hot. I personally like the whole proto line better than gen 4
  10. Looking for a pretty specific set up. Ping IE 1 irons. Black, Red, or maybe orange dot. Modus 105 stiff flex strongly preferred, will consider modus 120. 6-G is what I need. Not really interested in anything else so a PM without these specs will be wasting your time. Thank you!!!
  11. When I had the Gen 4 X and XF, my miss was definitely left. Didnt really ever go right. When I had the proto for a brief stint, same thing but I have the weight kit now so when that proto comes in, Im going to mess with that toe weight. I still think Gen 2 feels way better than the Gen 4 as well. I really wanted the Gen 4 to work too
  12. If it makes you feel better, Ive returned 2 Gen 4 drivers now and bought back the Proto X+ as I think that driver has much more potential with the weight configuration options
  13. PXG isnt even expensive anymore. Their clubs, outside of maybe 1 iron line and a wedge line are cheaper than anything on the market and realistically perform just as good. Their irons probably are a top iron on the market hands down. The argument of why aren't more players winning on tour then is silly. First of all, they dont have any top players and probably never will. Parsons has said multiple times, he has no intentions of going after top players or paying significant money to players. He only wants to work with players that show an interest in his brand and frankly with the money T
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