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  1. So funny. I did the same exact thing. Bought for $140 off CPO, bought the jumbomax 17 grip (black colorway though), and cut it to 38 inches. I also found aftermarket 35 gram weights that I swapped out. Never putted better.
  2. Odyssey Stroke Lab Double Wide Armlock!
  3. I can kind of tell when I pured the shot because it makes more of a “cracky click” sound, if that makes sense. But yeah I agree, the misses are still very forgiving.
  4. Had two rounds with the P770’s this weekend. Shot my lowest scores of the year. The feel is good, but definitely not amazing or buttery. I thought the irons would give me a few extra yards being hollow bodied, yet yardages were the same it seemed. However, the ball seemed to launch much higher and had way more stopping power on the geens. Long irons are fantastic to hit. Might look into comboing the MC’s in the shorter irons in the future. Still need to hit them more, but first impression is great.
  5. Custom order of P770’s came in today. Ordered 9/1. Playing tomorrow, so will see how the go!
  6. Nice looking bag. Did you get any customizations in terms of loft, lie, or length? I ordered 9/1 and still hasn’t arrived. I customized length and lie though.
  7. Do you have 12/2 expected ship date too?
  8. I ordered through my golf club and when I called them that is what they told me. They get a special discount through their Taylormade account, so not sure where it supposed to say. Sorry.
  9. Ordered two sets of P770’s on September 1st, quoted with an 11/11 ship date. Website now says 12/4... ordered one set with C-Taper Lite and one set with 950gh Neo. Sad to see others who ordered after receive theirs already
  10. Interesting. Nippon claim that the spin and launch are supposed to be higher on the Neo due to the extra stiffness. Yeah, might be a tipping that’s the problem. I have a set of p770s coming with the neo. I used to have the regulars in a set of clubs and loved them, so interested to see how the neos work.
  11. How does the NS PRO Neo differ from the originals? Do they feel just as smooth?
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