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  1. Finally got it finished yesterday 340g with SS weights, 330g with aluminium so pretty close to my 350g target. The weight just need a little detail machining so they will look a bit neater. White paintfill not perfect but it'll do for now.
  2. More progress today. Just need to produce the loft angle on the face and do some face milling. Currently 380g but hoping that will end up around 350g when it's finished.
  3. A bit of free time on the machine this morning so did this: A bit more work to do on this setup but nearly there..
  4. Just had a play with the chemi-blacking tank at work. Came out pretty good, really consistent colour. Not proper black but pretty good.
  5. One more go: Looks a bit more traditional, like a typical flycut pattern. Might be my favourite so far..
  6. One thing I plan to do is leave a bit of material on the face thickness so that I can do a milled pattern, try it, and if it doesn't feel great put it back in the machine and do a new one The milling is only 0.25mm deep at the moment. Taking the shaft out obvs..
  7. A couple more: Really like the look of the last 2..
  8. One of the other, non 5-axis, machines was free this morning so have been playing with the CAD to do a few different face milling ideas. I might just go with a 'normal' pattern but these look pretty nice too:
  9. As we're in lockdown again in the UK and I won't be playing for a while I thought I'd make a start on #2. From doing the 1st one I've learned a few things already so #2 is going to be a solid carbon steel head (no insert or weights yet) with a 316 SS version to follow if this one comes out OK. Aiming for around 330g head weight. As a double bend shaft seems the easiest to work around I'll be going for the same approach with this one and will be able to use the existing shaft & grip to save some money. Going for a more traditional shape this time and thought it would be a bi
  10. I'm still playing my Daytona, milled face - no insert. Feels great
  11. That looks great! I'm going to go with the carbon steel 1st as the 316 needs cutting down a fair bit before I could start. That's the beauty of doing it on the CNC, I've programmed it so that I can change the feeds & speeds really easily without having to rewrite a new program so different materials are easy enough to change to. I will do the 316 if the CS has the right proportions so that I can feel the difference between the 2.
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