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  1. I don't know man, that sounds a little off base to me. If you can teach him to hit driver I'd think you could teach him to putt as well.
  2. I have no dog in this potential fight, but if Cincy is being clever with his wording he could mean pole vault is an Olympic sport, and Mrs. Fowler does some pole vaulting. Therefore an Olympic sport athlete. (me being pedantic)
  3. Agree. Gattaca is a good one. Always seemed under the radar.
  4. That's truly bizarre. I'm thinking some web designer out there decided to have a little fun.
  5. No worries, I have that number memorized. It's 867- 5309.
  6. I love watching desert golf.
  7. Those irons are sweet. My scoring avg would pay a price, but all that would drift away as I gazed at them lovingly, holding them in my arms.
  8. While re-financing with Rocket Mortgage and renewing their Farmer's Insurance coverage for another year.
  9. I can attest to Bryson's theory on this one. While on a trip to Jamaica a couple years ago I noticed I was just pounding my driver, but didn't know what to attribute it to.
  10. I don't necessarily doubt that it's possible dimple edges could have an effect on a putt, but I do doubt there's anything that can be done about it. I don't think it's possible to line up the ball so the putter contacts a dimple exactly flush. Think about it...you line up your ball, then stand up and take your stance, and you expect the putter face to be exactly flush with the edges of a dimple? Please. And as far as hitting the putt harder in an attempt to compress the edge to negate the effect?
  11. Hey, how are my DCI 990's 422 when your 990B's are 441? I thought my version was supposed to be more forgiving!!! *Full disclosure: I didn't even know there were two versions when I bought them.
  12. I neglected to mention that after winning the Cadillac they get to drive it, rather than walk, for the rest of their round. A tradition unlike any other.
  13. 16 is getting a little stale. They should have one of those floating car things on the pond. Every hole in one gets a Cadillac.
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