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  1. I feel like SIK is still getting paid licensing fees for every cobra putter sold. And this will definitely make the tech more attainable For people since the SIK putters are very expensive, and these seem relatively reasonable
  2. What are your thoughts on the new 3D printed putters with the SIK face tech from Cobra. I read that the first attempt at 3D printed putters didn't feel great, but we'll see how these go. If nothing else, Cobra does try to push the tech bar in a way that other OEMs aren't currently going (MIM tech, 3D printer, first OEM to offer Arccos in grip). https://www.cobragolf.com/golf-clubs/putters I definitely want to try out the mallet in an armlock to see if it works for me. This seems like a genuinely different kind of tech. It will be interesting to see if they can pull Bry
  3. Call and talk to Jason. He will walk you through the options they have. That’s a pretty high SS depending on which iron, so you may need one of the heavier stiff options (depending on swing). I went with kbs 120, and I’ve enjoyed them. I’m borderline stiff / xstiff.
  4. Is this the putter equivalent to everyone should be able to play blades is they have a proper stroke?
  5. 100% agreed. Another website did a sample test with a PGA pro and they could work a GI club left/right and up/down, but it was a little more challenging because of 1) slight offset differences compared to what they we used to and 2) lower CG wanted to get the ball up in the air and not move as much left/right. Still moved, but not as many yards left/right as a non GI club. it’s not impossible, but larger GI and especially into SGI and hybrid irons, I may be a little hard to shape them.
  6. I like to think of my Ventus shafts as a luxury car. They’re very nice, and they do have things I can’t get on non luxury, but I can’t justify as luxury shaft in every club at this time (cmon mega millions).
  7. I think the only valid reason to move from GI clubs to a smaller more unforgiving club head, especially if you’re playing well with them, would be if have started shaping the golf ball (or trying) and find yourself unable to hit certain shots. If you’re “only” able to hit your GI clubs high and straight (I wish I had that issue), but you’d like the ability to hit low/curve around corners/etc then that may be the time to start looking towards better player clubs. Almost everything else is psychological or pride related (“can’t it chunky irons” or “all my friends have small clubs, so I
  8. I was fit into a Ventus black in my driver last fall, and I went for a Ventus blue for my Sub70 pro fairway 3 Wood, so I’m moderately familiar with them. However, because of cost ($200-300 on 5 clubs adds up), I wanted to try something closer to stock. I ended up in the Aldila NVS 85 hybrid shaft in the hybrids and I’m able to keep the flight down. Since I’m not a pro, I honestly can’t tell enough difference between the shafts to justify the added cost performance wise.
  9. 3rd recommendation for the hybrid. It took a session at the driving range since I was converting from irons to hybrids, but once I was able to figure out how to line up the face, they are long and tall. I’ve got decent swing speed (driver 105+) and these have a piercing flight to them.
  10. Same thing here. I have the 699s and the A (gap) wedge. As far as the better players clubs, I feel like most players that like and play CB or MB clubs are likely playing specialist clubs anyways. No need for a gap wedge in those sets. For them, Sub70 offers their DTC specialist wedges.
  11. I originally purchased the 3 utility 4 iron, but I had challenges 1) using utility iron on anything but tee shots, and 2) getting consistent results from 4 iron. In the last 2 weeks I got a 5 pro fairway Wood to replace the 3 utility and a 949 pro fairway to replace the 4 iron. More versatile setup in more scenarios. At first, I was pulling both clubs left pretty hard, but I think that was mostly due to a grip change (moved to Vardon over Interlock) at the same time. At the range yesterday I was hitting both very consistent and straight. Both have been a good move for me.
  12. I’ve got a g410 driver and Sub70 3/5 pro fairway woods and 4/5 pro hybrids. They’ve got fantastic pop. It’s your money, and it can be easier to try ping stuff at a local store, but dollar for dollar, it’s hard to deny Sub70 value and performance. On top of that great customer service, you can get a custom club within a few weeks. Unless you get stock, you’ll be waiting a few months for ping.
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