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  1. While various things could be impacting your distance gaps, a very clear one could be the loft differences. Mavrik 7 irons are listed at 27*, and 699 Pros are 31*. You’ll get every different numbers on loft alone, but shaft weight and swing weight may also have an impact for you.
  2. Check out the Sub70 699 or 699 pro range. Both are hollow body irons in the p790 to p770 range. I was fitted into p790 but didn’t want to spend what they wanted me to spend, and I’m very happy with my 699s.
  3. I’ve got the 3 utility and I’m a fan.
  4. Those are some good looking wedges.
  5. I’ve learned to stop asking if the package that was delivered was mine. I like to be pleasantly surprised when something actually does come for me.
  6. I did get the pro fairway from Sub70 that is fixed hosel. I’ll probably hold off for a few weeks and see what the new one is like.
  7. As Jay mentioned, they can customize SW. I had my 699s made at d6
  8. Why do you only play fixed? Does the adjustable hosel mess with the CG?
  9. I’m debating on just buying the 939x hybrids that are out now or waiting a few weeks to see more about the 949 pro hybrids that are supposed to be coming in March. Don’t know what the differences are in them, but I plan on having new hybrids this spring.
  10. Have you heard about the square strike wedge.... *duck in cover*
  11. I think people who have played golf for a long time and now are able to get off the tee onto the fairway or at least in a spot they can find it may forget how frustrating and demoralizing getting off the tee is for those who struggle. Starting off with a 3 on a regular basis because of a bad hook or slice, and losing balls in the water and woods off the tee not only kills scores, but those mental losses add up and lead to further bad play. Keeping the ball in play, even if it’s shorter (ie not using a driver or even a wood off the tee) can dramatically improve scores. In short, get o
  12. I think it’s far more likely for someone that hangs around the 100-110 scoring range to be able to hit 150 yards consistently than hit a driver consistently. And sidekick says at least 150 straight consistently. 3 150 yard shots is 450 yards and covers most par 4s if playing from the appropriate tees. There’s plenty of people that can hit an irons straight and only slice off the tee with the driver.
  13. I think you may be combining and confusing two thought processes here. 1) practicing long game off the tee is more helpful than practicing short game. losing balls off the tee and having bad second shot placement is more penalizing than a bad short game. 2) more clubs on the long end of the bag is better than more clubs on the short end For the first item, I agree, but not in the way you might think. If you follow the golf sidekick on YouTube then you’d understand more high handicaps would do better just to hit a mid iron off the tee and set themselves up in the fairway t
  14. Got a 3 utility in my latest set. Looking into 3 hybrid for a little more versatility for not off the tee.
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