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  1. I’ve got Sub70 5 Wood, 4 and 5 pro hybrids and a 699 gap wedge coming with the next two weeks to have a nearly fully overhauled bag for 2021. Now if I can just figure out what I want to do with my putter (keep it vs new hotness).
  2. You might be out of time depending on what “winter months” means, but CC does have a 90 day guarantee you can look into if you bought from them.
  3. that makes sense. I was up at the local Dicks that has a smaller golf section and practice green and tested a longer Tommy Armour putter (not sure of full arm lock as it only came to about mid forearm) but I did like the consistency. The forward press didn’t bother me. One of my issues is that I try to do a forward press with my current putter, but I’m not consistent enough with the angle, so my putts end up flying by the hole when I press too much. With arm lock, as long as the ball and stance are setup the same, it should be consistent.
  4. Does anyone have any experience with the arm lock and DF 2.1? The arm lock seems like a great putting method to remove variables, and the putter seems like it’s also trying to remove variables. How does the remote fitting process work for arm lock if I don’t currently have an arm lock for reference?
  5. Any club related to Sub70 is best bang for buck, and they use real deal shafts. Personally I love my pro fairway with genuine Velocore Ventus that I got with and extra 10% off on cyber Monday. All in I think it was $360 ish
  6. I wonder if these were the predecessors to the p790s since Taylormade bought Adam’s years ago. Those were some sweet looking irons. At the time, I wasn’t good enough to hit them, but they still look great years later. Wonder how much they go for these days.
  7. Out of curiosity, what are you getting from the heads that you can’t get from the manufacturer? Most major OEMs have pretty much any shaft, and you’re searching for current model irons.
  8. I’m currently moving away from Driving iron, and the new setup will be 3w, 5w (instead of 3 DI), 4h, 5h. I’ve got 105 swing speed, so speed wasn’t really an issue, but I (personally) had issues with it when I wasn’t on a tee. For some people, the look of a long iron just works better, but I get more versatility from something else.
  9. Yes, it’s definitely not closed.
  10. I went with the upgraded Ventus blue 6s shaft and it’s pretty amazing. For me it’s a piercing mid level flight. It feels like a bullet for my swing, but I’m not typically a high ball hitter. It’s still high enough though. On Monday I hit out of Texas rough (not that deep) from about 230 to an elevated green, somehow hit the green, and I found the ball just on the far fringe maybe 10-15 feet from where it landed. It didn’t stop on a dime like some people want, but I was putting from the fringe. Had it been a level green, it would have had a better descent angle.
  11. Loving my 699 irons and a good swing with my pro fairway is an absolute bullet. Getting 240 off the deck for me is amazing. The 3 utility isn’t working as well for me, and overall my long iron game isn’t what it should be even if I have enough speed, so I pulled the trigger on a 5 pro fairway and a 4 and 5 pro hybrid yesterday. Excited to have the top of my bag completely set for the foreseeable future.
  12. I’m not sure what you’re arguing, but what I got from the person you quoted is “if it’s designed to overcome issue for those who have swing flaws, then those without as many flaws should be just fine”. I think you’re friends would fall into the latter category.
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