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  1. I bet you are an old man with low male hormon. Be nicer to others and you will have friends
  2. Thanks for your welcome. I hope you don't represent wrx' ers. Pretty nasty comment you made about me elsewhere in this thread. Ridiculing other people's comments must be fun for you. Please think about your behavior when your right hand is not so busy.
  3. You might be right my swing is probably not as good as someone who's been golf playing for decades. I am still learning. It's my observation that using blades or GIs make no difference to my game. I do feel the differences though. My Jpx 919 hot metal pro feels and sounds like a little explosion happening when I hit the sweet spot. Whereas my mp67 or Mp18 SC feel a lot more subdued and I like that better. Isn't golf about enjoying the game, not snobbery? If Blades feel better and make your game no worse, why not use them?
  4. Oh, my 20 handy comes from my short game. I started playing golf last year and I find short game really not easy. My iron play is actually pretty good, my coach says my ability to control the head is extremely good.
  5. I am a golfer with tennis background too. IMHO, tennis rackets are a lot more standardised than golf clubs and rackets don't determine your level of play. Golfing world preaches exact opposite, ie beginners and pros should use different kind of clubs. I used to believe that mantra until I actually tried using blades. I am about 20 handycap. Blades are just as easy (or hard) to hit as game improvement irons. No difference at all. Golf is a lot more image conscious than tennis. I put it down to that.
  6. Who's to say bigger is better. My favourite driver is TaylorMade Mini one original, about 300cc. And I love my mizuno blades.
  7. I have a 11.5 degree and it's 43.5 inches. It's a great gear.
  8. Hey, yes and no. Every year new equipment come out thick and fast with higher price, but on the flip side they depreciate rapidly too. I have over 10 sets of 2019 model premium irons and drivers which I bought either mint condition second hand or new at end of life sales. All at more than 50% off retail prices. e.g got PXG 0311T Gen 2 Irons 4-PW in mint condtion for $750. You can buy smart by doing your research.
  9. I'd imagine Ping doesn't want people like us to tinker with their shafts and heads. That'd also mean my i500 shafts can't be repurposed in irons other than another ping product?
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