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  1. I started playing this summer and im currently shooting in the mid 90s. I currently play Titleist 716 CBs (I bought them used and I know they’re obviously way to advanced for me) I’m looking into getting more forgiveness to help with consistency and such. I’m wondering if down there road (assuming I improve) that forgiveness will ever hold me back to where it’s better to just learn on my current irons? I’m coming at it from a tennis perspective, I currently play pretty high level tennis and my racquets are the equivalent of blades (heavy, smaller head size, etc). If I ever tried
  2. Does anyone know if the PW Vokey comes with a stiffer shaft or is it the same s200 wedge flex as all the others?
  3. If we get a slant neck it will be like Scotty is giving us what we’re asking for rather than him telling us what we think we want #moretoeflow lol my only concern is that the aluminum phantoms already cost $420, if they go back to steel are they going to be $450+ now? Geez.
  4. My only worry with the 46° was how close it was to the 43° 9 iron but further away from the 52° gap. Bending it makes a lot of sense. Will the Vokey play similar to the set pw with the same loft?
  5. I currently have the Titleist 716 CB irons and will most likely stick with the CB, MB, or possibly the T100 line in my next set of irons. I love my Vokeys and the aesthetic is important for me (playing and in the bag) so I’m looking to get the Vokey PW as well. The PW in my set is 47° (as it is in the new sets as well) Vokey’s PW options are 46° or 48°. Any recommendations as to which would be better or will 1° probably not make to to much difference either way? My current wedges are 52°, 56°, and 60° and my 9 iron is 43° if that helps.
  6. Have you looked at the Scotty squareback or 5.5. Kind of a best of both worlds.
  7. Does this mean Scotty gave up on the phantom 5.5 look?
  8. CW13

    Scotty 2021

    I know there was an all silver 12.5 at the CJ this week. Has anyone seen any other new models or have any word on a phantom x replacement? The 5.5 in all silver would be amazing.
  9. So the premium stand bag isn’t changing from last year?
  10. Should every MCA shaft now have Mitsubishi Chemical written on it or do any of them still have Rayon? I saw a shaft on eBay that is the d+ and I can't find what its supposed to say as I've seen it both ways online.
  11. Is the Tensei blue raw stock shaft going to be the 55 or 65?
  12. How do these compare to the hulk version?
  13. Not sure if anyone has said this yet but does anyone know what the stock shaft options are going to be?
  14. Has anyone heard of a Phantom X replacement/upgrade coming in 2021? I know there’s usually a 2 year cycle and I haven’t seen or heard much.
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