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  1. Maybe, sort of like how he’s wearing adidas, (which looks super strange btw) because it’s the Olympics he isn’t tied to using sponsored equipment. If that’s the case obviously Scotty all day.
  2. I’m between the V5 shift and Nikon Pro II. It says the Bushnell isn’t waterproof. Is that true for a $400 device? I don’t golf in the rain often but Im worried about dropping it on a dewy morning and it get getting ruined. Anyone have any insight on this?
  3. Does the topline look thinner or am I just hoping? It’s kinda hard to tell in a 2 iron
  4. Still my biggest question, have they thinned out the topline of the HMB? If the HMB went on a diet the T200 is in trouble.
  5. I never put together that MP stood for Mizuno Pro lol. Nothing is cleaner than a plain blade but honestly I kind of don’t hate the script since it has actual meaning rather than marketing blab like when company’s put tungsten or something on them.
  6. Is it just me or does the logo area of the 221 almost look like it’s two pieces or is it just glare? If this is how they did the MMC I’m gonna freak out with how cool it is.
  7. Some are saying they’re polymer and some are saying they’re metal… are the pro versions different or something? Can anyone confirm what the backs are made of?
  8. CW13

    MP20 MMC to ???

    Check the MP20 HMB or more likely the MP22 versions when they release.
  9. The topline looks so thick in these pics. Idk how I feel about it.
  10. It’s 2021; how does anyone belong to an online forum, hold new unreleased clubs people are drooling over and just think “nah, I won’t take a picture” Super jealous nonetheless.
  11. I can’t get over how good the T200’s look. Might be the greatest 1 cycle visual improvement in history.
  12. I’ll sum up the buzz. It seems the consensus is TSI and then everything else.
  13. For sure. I also like how they aren’t super “golfy”. I can wear them on the course, to teach in, or out to eat and no one immediately thinks I just came from the course. Needing clothes to wear for both work and golf Lulu is definitely my top choice.
  14. If money isn’t an issue definitely check out Lululemon. They aren’t traditional in the golf sense but being workout based they can take a beating and are super versatile.
  15. How do the 921Ts wear? It’s hard to see all the scratches looking good or blending into a matte finish as well as they do into chrome.
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