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  1. Hoping to pick up both / preferably in new or like new condition
  2. LOL!!! Thank you for catching that - it actually randomly fell off on one side, for those curious
  3. Hi all - Changed my swing around a bit, so I am moving on from my SIM2 collection. All of these were purchased in mid-March and have seen steady action since then, about 15/16 rounds total. All of them have the Tensei RAW Blue stiff shaft, weights are shown in pictures. I will include head covers with all of these. I would love to sell all of these together, but it's not a must for me. If you are looking to purchase all of them, I will do a bundle discount. Otherwise, prices are listed on each item and includes shipping. The Smoke Black RDX was an experiment for my TSi, but I ended
  4. If this hasn’t been sold, I will take it.
  5. These have been sold! Thank you for your interest everyone!
  6. Hi all. This ended up being a mixup between Arccos and myself surrounding the Taylormade promo and and I found myself with an extra set that they told me to keep at no cost. Not trying to make a killing so I’m selling them for $OLD. Please message with any questions, thank you!
  7. So going by this it’s hard to argue with an increase in almost 20yds. It’s a little “kunckly” with the low backspin but nothing of concern. Im not sure if you’re looking for confirmation from anyone here, but it looks like you came away with the right club. There is an adjustment period, so I certainly wouldn’t give up on anything yet.
  8. Without knowing the numbers for everything you hit, none of us will be able to say for certain. What else did you hit that day? What was the fitters’ rationale for the TSi3? Where were your mis-hits? The Raw White is low launch-low spin so do you have a tendency to hit your driver too high? I play both this exact driver and a SIM2 with Tensei Raw Blue as my backup/extra. The Titleist is probably the one that is going to stay in my bag due to the consistency of it, and on a personal note I like the adjustability of it in the event that I start making swing changes. Some folks hit the ball furth
  9. Don’t want to sound redundant here, but the 7 wood was a game changer for me. Much like you, 4/5 irons were borderline useless; so I decided to experiment. I have last years SIM Max with a Ventus blue (velocore) and it’s been outstanding. Sometimes I feel as if a hybrid would be better out of the rough, but at my home course I’m left with 190-220 ~ish quite frequently.
  10. Stiff flex, looking for a TSI3 driver shaft
  11. Sold to @hwnstyle21 ! Thanks to everyone who checked these out!
  12. I currently play a 3 turned down to 2. Overall, it’s one of the few clubs in my bag that I don’t have much love for. It has a Tensei blue (which is the shaft I use in my driver), and (in my opinion) it’s really designed for a digger not a sweeper. I am a severe digger with my irons, so I thought that I’d get along with this club but I don’t. The flight is low and boring, which is a bright spot. I don’t particularly care for the interaction out of the rough either. Off the tee is another bright spot for a reliable fairway finder. It does have the tendency to fade more than draw (which
  13. Hi all - if you’ve been following my iron saga, I just cleared out a bunch of gear last week. I actually forgot about these and I’m looking to sell them as well since I now have a set of MP-20’s on the way. 5-U, black dot, power specs, KBS 120 Stiff, Decade black and white grips. Asking $OLD shipped OBO. The only trade I’d be interested in exploring is a TSi3 driver; but cash is still preferred. I utilize UPS shipping and will typically ship the next day (as long as my work schedule allows). Add $15 if these are going to the West Coast. Thanks for looking!
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