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  1. Don’t sleep on the T100/100s either. I used to be a devout Mizuno blade player until I was forced into something that was easier on my hands after surgery. I find them forgiving, workable, and the feel is great. I’m a severe digger, so the pre worn leading edge also helps me a ton. I liked the CB’s when I hit them, I just didn’t see much benefit to playing them over the t100’s - but YMMV of course. Best of luck!
  2. Preferably in chrome finish but will also take black finish.
  3. Hi everyone - Looking to clean out the closet once again and make room for some new experiments that are on the way. Had a family emergency come up so cash is preferred, but I am still looking for a Circle T so please message me if you are trying to move one and hopefully we can work something out. All of these prices are shipped from the Buffalo NY area, but please add $15 for West Coast. If you have any questions, please ask! 1) Titleist T100s irons - I bought these to hold me over until my Mizuno's came in and I absolutely fell in love with them. I really want to ke
  4. Hoping to grab one that will play 45" or longer - thank you!
  5. Preferably with Tensei raw white or blue shaft or Ventus velocore
  6. Former 921 Forged/Tour user here. For me, the 921F wanted to go left - a lot more than usual. They felt great, had plenty of forgiveness and distance; but I was missing way too many greens. My miss is an over draw, but it was accentuated with them and launch monitor data supported that. Project X LZ 6.0. I then got a set of Tour’s and they had the $ Taper which I just do not like (full disclosure - I seem to be a Project X player through and through) - but I didn’t find them to be *overly* demanding. I play to about a 6.2 this year but I’m a pretty decent ball striker. Not the longest out t
  7. Hi all - I am moving and the girlfriend is forcing me to clean out some of my excess gear because I already have too much and more on the way. All of the prices include UPS shipping from Buffalo NY, but if you’re on the west coast please add $15. If you have any additional questions please let me know! 1) Mizuno MP20 MB 4-PW Long story short, I had some expiring pro shop credit to use and I’m sick of waiting for my set from Mizuno. However, I forgot how terrible I am with the DG S300 - so my loss is your gain. The only club hit was the 8 iron, nothing else was ever hit. Standar
  8. Fair question - I think for me (again, personal opinion here so everyone’s results may be different); it stopped me from drinking altogether because I see how negatively it impacts my body even a few days after. I’m not 21 anymore so I can’t drink all night and then go all day, I need days to recover now The only other point I’ll add is that I think you’re right with saying it confirms these things; such as how going to bed at the same time every night is worlds better for you. I know that and have knows that for years, but seeing my recovery be low has definitely forced me into better
  9. I actually couldn’t disagree more, respectfully of course. I got mine last fall and I’ve been extremely happy with it. I will say that I am a data-driven person, so take what I am about to say with that in mind. I wear a Fenix watch, so I already get tons of information about my training performance and VO2 max, FTP, etc. so I was skeptical of yet another metric for me to look at regarding my training. While Whoop hasn’t revolutionized how I train, it’s brought me some valuable insight to how things affect my body and subsequently built better habits in my day-to-day life. After a night
  10. I personally love the TSi3 for its ability to independently adjust weighting, face angle, and loft. Not sure if this is for a 3 wood or something else, but I took the 3 out of my bag in favor of the 5 wood because I am also 5’7” and the minor length difference made a world of difference for me amongst others things. I’m not sure if you are doing a whole fitting, but it was extremely important for me in terms of the shaft alone. Most folks just match whatever shaft is on their driver, but that doesn’t always give you the best performance.
  11. SM8 54° S Grind - PX LZ 6.5 Historically, I’ve been a really terrible wedge player inside 100yds for a 6 handicap. Not sure if my swing and this grind just fit well together, but I’ve been throwing darts on anything 110 or closer. It was always gutting being inside 100 yards on a par 4 and making bogey.
  12. LOL!!! Thank you for catching that - it actually randomly fell off on one side, for those curious
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