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  1. Hi guys - looking to start cleaning some stuff out as the season winds down here in Buffalo. All prices include shipping but please add $10 if you are on the west coast. If you have any questions please message me! Thanks! 1) 3 dozen TP5 custom # 69 - $OLD/each. Just switching back to the ProV1 - not gonna use these. 2) Greyson Polo's - Medium - these have been worn about once or twice each, I lost some weight and now they don't fit. These fit like a large in other brands. $OLD 3) Arccos Smart Senor kit - $85 - I had full intention of using these but didn't settle on my irons until a few weeks ago and at that point it wasn't worth using. 4) Puttout matt, pressure putting trainer & Eyeline mirror - $125 for the bundle Just don't use these since moving and don't need them taking up the space.
  2. Genuine question here - I have had a super positive experience over the last year on BST from both sides; but is there any thought of trying to eliminate the scalpers there? It was just such a kick in the teeth when I was trying to get a Champion’s Choice to game and there’s 10 listings all for insane amounts on there. Not saying people don’t have to recoup costs - but when prices are double retail, they are just trying to make a quick buck.
  3. Hi all - just cleaning out the closet and hoping to move this set of backup t100s I brought but ended up switching back to my Mizuno’s. Standard loft and length - but these are definitely bent flat. I can’t recall if it was 2 or 3 flat - but there will be no issue reverting these to standard if you desire. Grips are in stellar condition. Shafts have been SST Pure’d. Asking $850 shipped - please no drastic lowballs - the price is more than fair considering things. Not interested in trades - but if you have a Ventus black lying around for a Titleist 5w let me know. If you are on the West Coast please add $10 since I am in Buffalo NY. Message me with any questions - thank you!
  4. Long time AP2 player that switched to the 2019 t100s, and then experimented with the 2021 version. I will say that the 2019 version felt very similar to the AP2 - just a little bit better. The 2021 version of the T100s to me are more CB like - which I personally did not like but they are highly praised and perform well for an overwhelming amount of players. I am well documented in saying that I think the 2019 version gets through the turf better due to the adjustments made in the sole to the 2021 version - but that is something you'd need to test for yourself. I am seeing lots of 2019 sets on BST lately so might be worth an experiment if you can snag a set for a good price!
  5. FWIW - I snagged a MINT set from eBay 4-PW for $725.
  6. To me - the MMC is not big by any means and looks great at address and inspires confidence. Just slightly bigger than the 921 Tour. Compared to the t100 - I think that they are about the same; I really didn’t notice any difference so that means they have to be at least relatively close to each other haha. I do think the MMC is slightly more forgiving than the t100 - but that’s not to say the t100 is difficult to hit by any means; I actually think it’s extremely playable considering the size. Mizuno calls the MMC the “elite players cavity” - and I think that’s spot on.
  7. Currently playing the MMC. Tried the tour out and It just wasn’t for me. It is a blade through and through - it just doesn’t look as good as one (IMO, of course). For me the MMC is the perfect iron as a 5 handicap - it provides me just a bit of forgiveness on my off days but the feel is outstanding. The lofts are a little strong considering where the club falls, but I’ll never say no to more distance unless it comes at the cost of accuracy or feel - which is not the case with these. Playing Modus 120x in mine, but a lot of good things to be said about the $ Taper which I think was the “stock” shaft? I’ve had a love affair with the 2019 t100s for most of the summer but one swing with the MMC and I knew it was going to be perfect. I personally think these and the 921 forged are underrated (if a Mizuno club can be overrated). I really was hoping that the 921 Tour would fall between the MP20 blade and MMC - but as that graphic shows it’s relatively the same….I hope next time around there as iron that fills that spot, but until then I’ll take the extra forgiveness and more distance. Also worth mentioning - I am a severe digger through and through and the turf interaction here is amazing.
  8. I have Modus in my 2019 set which not only perform better for me, but also feel better too. I am very steep and take a huge divot, and the 2019 just seem to get through the turf better for me. Also looks are subjective of course, but I prefer the look of the 2019 model as well.
  9. Hi all - Looking to move two things today - all prices include shipping but please add $10 for West Coast. Pictures and description tell the story on it all - but please message me with any questions. Thanks! 1) Titleist t100s PX LZ 6.0 5-PW - used about 4 rounds and some range time. Bought these with hopes of them being better than my gamer '19 t100's and that just wasn't the case. Original box included. Standard L/L/L. Asking $SOLD shipped. 2) Vokey SM8 62 - black finish. Bought this from a member on here thinking I had a shaft to use with it and then realized I don't. Asking $90 shipped for the head.
  10. Next week I’ll be debuting my protein shake recipe - stay tuned!
  11. Yeah I realized it sounded super Bryson-esque after typing it but wanted to be transparent
  12. Had a fitting session Saturday AM - and while the shaft felt great, it didn’t pair well with the t100s for me. I lifted in the morning prior to the session and was also coming off about 3 hours of sleep - so my swing didn’t feel great. My average 6i distance is 175-180 on the course depending on the day/conditions. Attached are my numbers with the Modus 120x/t100s and then my gamer (PX LZ 6.0)/t100s bent 1 degree weak. Also for what it’s worth - the “gamer” shots were first. I may be in the minority here, but I just like last year’s t100s better.
  13. Makes total sense - glad you are enjoying them!
  14. I think there is a case to be made that to a low single digit handicap; while they are not necessarily fade bias, they have a tendency to go more left than the original T100 does. Why did you choose t100s and not the 620CB?
  15. Just throwing my 2 cents in on this - completely agree with the sole. I am very steep and dig severely and the pre worn leading edge just worked so much better on the old version for me. I understand where the inspiration comes from on the new ones, but for me the 2021 version performs worse. Also worth mentioning - all things equal, I feel like the 2021 version wants to go more left than the prior generation too.
  16. Order was placed on August 5. If you can cancel, I got a set right here for ya! Lol
  17. Hi everyone - looking to sell this set of t100s’ that I preordered. PX LZ 6.5 - standard L/L/L. Tour velvet grips. New in plastic. I ordered a 3-P set, but the PW will be coming in later this month per Titleist. I’m asking $1200 for the whole 3-PW set, or $1050 for the 3-9 set. Please do not message me lowball offers because I will not respond - I am selling these cheaper than retail and without tax/shipping. Shipping is included via UPS ground, but please add $10 if you are on the west coast (I am in Buffalo NY). If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you!! pin 9/8
  18. I currently play the 2021 t100s bent 1 degree weak - and was also experimenting with a set of 921 tour. I like the 921 tour but IMO it’s not anything special. It doesn’t have that MP feel (I know it’s not supposed to) but it also doesn’t have the forgiveness of something like that 921 forged (Also, I know it’s not supposed to). The 2021 T100s bent 1 weak for me has been excellent. Forgiveness is subjective but I’d probably give it to the T100s, even if just by a small margin. I play with KBS Tour stiff shafts, for reference. Like I said - I don’t think the 921 Tour is a bad iron, but I would probably go MP20 MMC if I wanted to play something “comparable” from Mizuno with better feel
  19. Hi everyone - sorry for being remiss in replying to everyone; I work 12 hours in an Emergency Room and I came back to this topic going crazy after no traction for several days. They have been sold - thank you to everyone who inquired!
  20. Hi all - My new set of t100s just came in so I am looking to move on from the set I just picked up about a month ago brand new from 2nd Swing. KBS Tour stiff, standard L/L/L, 5-PW. Excellent condition - 5i is still in plastic. Hoping to get $500but I am open to all reasonable offers. Thank you! pin 8/30
  21. 1. City and State? - Buffalo, NY 2. Handicap? - 8.2 3. Current irons? - 2021 Titleist T100s 4. Current Iron Shafts? - Project X LZ 6.0 5. What weight KBS PGI shafts would you like to test? (50G-100G). - 100 Gram Stiff 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? - Yes, it would be my pleasure!
  22. Just wanted to put this out there for anyone who has ordered a set - I placed my order the day after my local Golf Galaxy got the fitting heads in - t100s, LZ 6.5, 3-PW. Everything is "stock" - grip is Tour Velvet (not the Titleist logo TV) Called GG for an update on Monday, told me Sept. 2 shipping. I got them to give me the purchase order #, called Titleist directly - told me ETA of mid-October. Why? Waiting on the PW shaft - everything else is there and ready to be built. Called Golf Galaxy back and told them to un-pair the PW so everything else ships ASAP. The rep told me that they are out of the most common shafts in X-Stiff (I specifically inquired about PX 6.5, LZ 6.5, KBS Tour, KBS $ Taper, KBS C-Taper). She said the dates of those being back in stock were anywhere from the end of September to mid November.
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