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  1. Hi, every one. Have you heard of this? I found this in Youtube <<NOT MY VIDEO>> Source: 【キャロウェイ2021年モデル?】EPICMAXドライバーは4本柱に進化するのか https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6MHsdO4dJY&t=103s Source of this video seems to be this: reddit.com/r/golf/comments/jqbcuv/new_callaway_epic_max_driver_spotted/
  2. Hi, Wardonation, everybody, I am a G400&G400 MAX user who lives in Japan. Here are what I felt. * Sound Pitch: High>Low XXIO>G410>G425 MAX = SFT >G425 LST = G400 >MARVRIC >SIM * Sound Loudness: Loud> Muted XXIO = G410 >G425 MAX = SFT > G425 LST = G400 >MARVRIC >SIM * Feel: Springy&hollow > Solid&muted G410> XXIO > G425 MAX = SFT > G400=G425LST > MARVRIC >SIM * Workability? (I don't work drivers.) G425 LST >>> SUBZERO > G400 ? G425 MAX ? SIM ? * Draw/Fade bias : D > F G424SFT >>> G425 MAX >
  3. bifftaco, Yes, I've used G irons since 2016. Comparision against Gs: Distance : G425 is longer maybe by 5 yards. In the review session of G425, I hit the I500 and I210, too. I500 is longer than G425. Sound&feel: G425 is lounder, G sounds&feels more solid. I210 sounds&feels better by far. Workability: I don't "work" the ball, but G425 seems easier to work the ball than previous Gs due to its shorter blade length.
  4. bladehunter, Year, G425 SW looks like TOUR-S Sw rather than G SW. Short and middle irons look smaller than G irons.
  5. Green Valley, Thank you for reply. Recently, I have violated GolfWRX rules ( I referenced my blog), so I should be very careful not to do it again. (I am sorry GolfGWX.) Here is the Trackman data of longer irons of G425. Refer to the first picture for my distances with G irons. #4 shot is an intentinonal (forced) hook that goes further than normal.
  6. They have arrived today and I hit some shots with them tonight. /W, U, and S/ /SW/ /The cavity is deep./ /G425 and G. G425 Sole width is a little narrower/ / /The horsel is longer in G425./ The furrule is for JDM only according to PING Japan. / /SW bounce is same 13° in G425 and G according to PING site. The bounce of UW is 12° for both./ / /G425 short irons and middle irons are smaller than G irons, but the wedges looks same size. (Loft is same.)/
  7. My G425 against i10. Idon't have i5. See this tpoic for the pictures against G irons. Blade length (as I see). GG25>G>G400=G410>G425>i210>i500
  8. I've used long sticks for more than 20 years... Those are some of them. The center one G400 [email protected] inch is my current gamer. Left: G400 with ACCUFLEX Visoin 55 (X) @ 46 inch.. Head weight: 195g - head-only weight is 190g, weight removed, the screw 2g and lead tape 3g. Center G400 MAX with Aerotech (S, tip cut 2 inches, plays XX) @47 inch. Head weight: 190g - head-only Right: TearDrop TDX2010 (JDM only) with Max300 (Mitsubishi JDM only) @48. Head weight 190g. I've posted about those sticks in my blog, but unfortuneately, those a
  9. Stuart_G >Japan had frequently gone different ways when it comes to certain aspects of golf equipment Good point! I perfectly agree. >that's not quite the same as "different origins" - that implies independent development. Well, they tried to make same thing, but slightly different thing came out. <Origin of Original design> SW (moment) = (CG - 14) X Total weight 1 SwingWeight Point = 1.75 <inch-ounce> D0 = 213.5 <inch-ounce> D0 = 122 SWP (= 213.5 / 1.75) They wanted to use Inch-GRAM rather than Inch-ounce. The
  10. Thank you following me up, Stuart_G. Yes, I've heard that Kenneth smith sold both 12 inch and 14 inch ones. I meant that 14 inch scales in the U.S and in Japan with different origins.
  11. Thank you for watching my video. >5 grams butt side is related to Grips, Yeah, if it is 5g heavier Grip, you are right. I am talking to add 5 g lead tape at 13 inches from fulcrum. As you sugest, the position of CG of the grip matters. >There is 2 scales out there, I am not talking about "Official" 12 inch one, I am talking about the one that is designed based on "inch-gram" origin in Japan. Dr. Tutelman site is recommended for details. http://www.tutelman.com/ By the way, you are really expert. Thank you again for replying my post.
  12. Length vs Swing weight Length VS Frequency I made a video, but nobody is intersted in it.
  13. I made a video on this, but nobody is intereted in it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XFRN-VzCvbE
  14. Mr. Howard_Jones Thank you for reply. Your are right. According Trackman blog (sited from: https://blog.trackmangolf.com/trackman-average-tour-stats/) I meant carry + roll. Driver carry 245 + roll 25. PW carry 120 + 7 roll. How about this?
  15. Thank you for replies. >there would be no math. I will try to follow the rules.
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