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  1. Just curious, I noticed there are a few people here that received their clubs and their build was done incorrectly. Did your clubs arrive correctly?
  2. I ordered a JPX 921 forged gap wedge on 10/11, just received an email this morning telling me that it shipped this morning.
  3. I have the same issues as you, LOL! I have the Ping G410 - 2 Crossover and the U510 - 2 and I’m headed down the same rabbit hole looking for the perfect utility iron off the tee. Starting to look for another. Becoming costly
  4. Could somebody please post a couple pictures of the 921 FORGED Gap wedge? Top line, sole and back. Thanks in advance! I played today with the 921 forged, awesome experience, old clubs were 919 HM. First time I played forged with thinner top line and sole. First time I played with Golf Pride Tour Velvet plus 4 as well, great feeling in hands.
  5. I received my forged today and immediately went to the range. They look and feel great! I opted for the KBS $ Tour 120’s. I have these shafts in my 919 Hot Metals. Only regret is that the winter is coming fast!
  6. I am wondering the same thing. I only ordered the 921 forged 7 iron through PW standard length. I plan on blending my 919 HM 5,6, and Gap wedge. I am hoping my gapping works out due to the 919 HM‘s being a 1/2 less than standard length.
  7. How far did you hit your 7 iron with the P790’s? How far were you hitting the 7 iron with the 921’s?
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