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  1. Ping g425 lst 9. Ping tour 75 x. I received this from ping because my G400 face cracked. It took a while to get it so I went with a different driver Sold
  2. Ping G410 Lst head, 10.5. Minor paint blemish I took pictures of. Top line and face are clean. $250 shipped. Sik Flo putter. 33.5 inches. I got this and rolled it once in putting green. $400 shipped obo. Comes with head cover.
  3. Miura CB57 3-p. Standard loft length and lie. Nippon modus 120 stiff, new z-cord grips. I bought these on the bst with one round on them. I played 4 rounds and 2 range sessions. I’m only selling because I replaced them with miura MB’s. Sold
  4. I need to unload all this extra stuff that I'm not using. All prices are OBO and include shipping. All Pictures at the bottom. Nippon Modus 120 x flex - 5 thru p. played standard length in Mizuno irons. $125 shipped. Callaway Apex 16 hybrid 20* with GD ADDI 85 stiff. sold Titleist TS3 hybrid 25* Project x 6.0 - Bought this directly from Titleist was hit a fews time at the range once. sold Titleist 818H2 hybrid 21* - Atmos 85 stiff sold Titleist 913HD 15* with GD ADDI 7x black.
  5. Wanted to give props to Ping. I cracked the face on my G400 LST last week and they just told me they would replace it. This driver is over 3 years old, I wasn’t expecting a free driver maybe just a discount. On top of all that they don’t have any G400 or 410 lst so they will send a G425 lst once they are released.
  6. Spider FCG slant neck. 35 inch. Rolled on carpet once, grip still in plastic. $300 shipped obo.
  7. Mint TS3 hydrid. 25 lost and 1/2” short. Ordered directly from titleist and have had it at the range 1 time. 6.0 project x shaft 90g. $200 shipped.
  8. I have a 7 year old who is is 52" tall. I want to get his first set of quality junior clubs. I'm looking at flynn, uskg, and ping. My question is should I go ahead and get a full iron set or just like 5,7,9 or some combination like that. He is just starting to take the game more serious and we are hoping by this time next year he can start to play some local junior stuff.
  9. Titleist t100 heads. Sold j15 mb heads sold.
  10. 3 dozen brand new Taylormade tp5 $95 shipped
  11. Nike vr pro blades / combo head only 4-5 split cavity, 6-7 pro blades, 8-p blades from pro combo set. Heads are in decent shape. Only 7 iron shows light browning. $150 shipped Mizuno mp18 fli hi 4 iron. Standard loft length lie. Nippon modus 120 stiff $90 shipped
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