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  1. Looking for some lightweight regular iron shafts.
  2. Looking for some lightweight regular iron shafts.
  3. Mint TS3 hydrid. 25 lost and 1/2” short. Ordered directly from titleist and have had it at the range 1 time. 6.0 project x shaft 90g. $200 shipped.
  4. I have a 7 year old who is is 52" tall. I want to get his first set of quality junior clubs. I'm looking at flynn, uskg, and ping. My question is should I go ahead and get a full iron set or just like 5,7,9 or some combination like that. He is just starting to take the game more serious and we are hoping by this time next year he can start to play some local junior stuff.
  5. Titleist t100 heads. Sold j15 mb heads sold.
  6. 3 dozen brand new Taylormade tp5 $95 shipped
  7. Nike vr pro blades / combo head only 4-5 split cavity, 6-7 pro blades, 8-p blades from pro combo set. Heads are in decent shape. Only 7 iron shows light browning. $150 shipped Mizuno mp18 fli hi 4 iron. Standard loft length lie. Nippon modus 120 stiff $90 shipped
  8. Dmax

    Michigan golf trip

    > @kalamazoo said: > Pilgrims and Hemlock. Would not recommend Tullymoore. Hemlock looks cool from google. Whats wrong with tullymoore
  9. Dmax

    Michigan golf trip

    Thanks for the suggestions. Looks like it will either be Pilgrims run or tullymore.
  10. I'm flying into grand rapids end of may to drive up to play arcadia bluffs. I can fit one round in on the drive up. Whats the best course to play between grand rapids and arcadia bluffs?
  11. Miura tournament blades 4-p. Shafts - Nippon pro modus 120 x flex Loft - standard Lie - standard Length - Standard Grips - z cord in good condition No browning on the faces and light bag chatter. I took close ups of nicks on 8 iron and 6 iron, they don't affect play and you don't see from address. $600 obo shipped. Will consider a partial trade of some sort of older driver. Will also sell heads only for $475 shipped.
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