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  1. Agreed - and with detailed calculations; I might shift more to short range practice (that has ripple effect also on midrange confidence)... also, those are all putts, so it means good approach shots that get's to 14ft and a birdie look and/or bad up&down chip shot that forces me to drain a 10footer to save par... so I'm guessing: 1- better ballstriking and 2- short range putting are the primary aspects I need to work on, that would trickle down and help lower that cap... And as far as compiling stats... just quick notes (while others hit, chip, putt); approach from (your rangefinder figure and thus you can deduce driving distance), penalties (OB, drop, recovery shot, fairway bunker, etc), GIR, U&D saves (from where and which club), putting distance on all putts... and you've got it all - you can slice and dice all you want... GIR from 150-175? let me look it up
  2. You are correct on all accounts... just a bit of clarification / semantics maybe - because I included all the 3-6 footer putts in those loose calculations, see below from the graph... So, basically - in the 6-20ft range - I average 8.9 putts/round... (that gets up to 13.1 if we include the aforementioned range)... Still, there's a moreso constant 15% make gap with what pros average (24%vs38% : 3-20 or 16%vs30% : 6-20)... and thus 14% of 8.9 midrange shots... 1.26 shots / round Probably says more about my poor 3-6 range putting where the gap is at 0.52 shots / round -> Conclusion : of course, there's improvment to be made in this area but (as Strokes Gained has showed us)... probably best served to dedicate practice time to ballstriking to lower that 7cap (and the ripple effect on putting proximity also)
  3. I agree completely - and I'm not looking at this issue in isolation... of course as a 7cap, my game has to improve in every aspect... I was just looking at general tips on midrange putting here to try and improve in that particular aspect
  4. Correct... this is why I wanted to state right off the bat that, when looking at these figures... "that putting make % aren’t at Tour levels obviously!... but aren’t that bad from short range and 3 putt avoidance from long range is decent… But looking at the 6-9-12-15 (and even further) range figures… there’s a definite 15% gap all the way through in make %... and from practice hours, I’m pretty sure I can roll the ball end over end consistently… so, from what you have seen with your playing buddies, what gives..." So that's why I wanted to pick the brains out here, is order to lower my index by trying to close that 15% make gap all the way through midrange putts... quick math : 14 midrange putts per round / 15% more make from these --> shoving 2.3 shots per round (said differently, 2 more 15 footers-ish that go in per round)
  5. Interesting and might lead to a change in putting practice - because I usually do the 5footer ins + lag putting to figure distance control + midrange ones; because I find that I have a lot of those 10-12-15-20 footers in a round (and want to focus on those)... but, as you guys mentioned, not many drops in and it surely unconsiously creeps me out... so basically, improving midrange make% indirectly by building confidence from short range - and seeing midrange ones just as an extension of it...
  6. Trying to recap from the answers here - it seems that priorities should be: #1. Pure stroke ; end to end roll / alignment / start line #2. #1 helping with confidence for close range make% #3. #1&#2 enables you to have an 'aggressive' minsdet with midrange putts - 'I got this, it's dropping in' (i.e never putt tentatively) #4. From #1; Speed, distance control for that day - stimp, green type #5. Green reading abilities in general #6. #4&#5 enabling you to vizualise your trace line for that speed-break combo #7. Commitment / routine / execution other? different order?
  7. Don't know if I shouldn't just ignore it; with that nametag haha... but I get what you're saying - there's a big difference when you step into one knowing 'I got it' while being overly cautious on those you won't really commit - working on this also
  8. Might be an interesting solution - I've looked at it (and know the basic variables of stimp, fingers distance, feet and slope grades, etc.) yet don't want to commit to it - because I feel that I would leave so much of the analysis stuff on the table; yet can't make one midrange putt to save my life haha... When you mention more extreme putts... lagging on double breakers, changing slopes, that you could still use Aimpoint express for the last part? others?
  9. Awesome tips here... keep them coming! I started this thread exactly for this... as I'm pretty sure my stroke (end over end / alignment / start line - priority #1) is relatively on point; practicing inside on a flat surface I can drain 50 3footers in a row and great make% from 6footers, 8footers (compared to tour averages)... But when faced with 'real life' challenges... it doesn't translate - and I'm confident it's not 'mental' (I play with buddies for a little $ but nothing that would make me feel uncomfortable)... and it's not like my make % from 6-9-12-15ft are horrible; it's always burning edges, but nothing doing... I know there's a luck factor involded but still... I do, more or less, all that is mentioned here... buddies & girlfriend even annoyed that I don't small talk when getting to the green surface, pacing my putt, watching from different angles (especially from below), looking for the fall line, the usual 'everything flows to Rae's creek', looking at grain change, vizualization of the 'brush paint' ball line for that speed-break combo... yet, it seems my green reding is awful as I've got another putt, gimmie to drain it... that game is tough
  10. Interesting data from the Tour : 5ft : 81% make / 2% left short / uphill miss median proximity : 1.4ft / downhill miss median proximity : 2.4ft 10ft : 42% make / 7% left short / uphill miss median proximity : 1.1ft / downhill miss median proximity : 2.1ft (by the way : Ams leave 17% of their 10footer short) uphill/downhill is defined at >3% slope … From this downhill miss median proximity – 10 footers closer than 5 footers… does that mean that they are: just trying to jam it in from closer?... or when faced with downhill 10 footer, are they more conservative than we think and want to minimize risk a tad (at the expense of a lesser make %?)… mix of both? other?
  11. Wow... but you play 2h30 bogey free rounds right?... looks like I need to practice a lot more!
  12. Very good vizualization / focus shift tip - should help 'paint' the way to the cup also - interesting!
  13. another great tip... I don't have numbers on 15ft per se... But tour guys leave 7% of their 10footers short while ams do it at a 17% rate... and the key being their average missed length is 1.6ft (1.1ft for uphill / 2.1ft for downhill - over 3% slope) And interestingly enough - tour pros average missed length on 5footers (1.4ft uphill / 2.4ft downhill) is longer than ams average miss length (and yes, the pros average miss length is higher on 5footers than it is on 10footers)
  14. Two excellent comments right off the bat - and I'm also guilty of this; nice approach shot to 15ft and unconsciously fall into the 'bogey avoidance' check!... rather than, 'let's try and drop one here' mindset... especially on downhill breaking putts; so cautious with the 15 footer... But I'm guessing that playing without gimmies does that to you... I've played with a few vanity cap buddies that run that downhill 10 footer, 5 feet by and pick it up immediatly 'can't believe I didn't get that birdie to drop'... euh...
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