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  1. Fascinating... I'm constantly grinding to have a better short game... and I don't think there is a more widely open subject; where everyone seems to have a technique that works fom him - that a-ha moment... Just from answers here (not even 24hrs in) - we have some pretty interesting thoughts, which can be mutually exclusive!... no wonder why I have no idea how to get better haha Open face / Square face / Stand closer / Toe down Use the bounce / Minivan acceleration Follow through / accelerate through the ball Don't break wrists / freeze your wrists / take the wrists out Wei
  2. Agreed - right forearm pronation for a quick moment at the top/transition is a great ballstriker move (easier said than done though when trying to combine with ulnar + lead wrist flexion)... thanks for that!
  3. Correct on being flat and laid off; working on Dan's drill - unfolded arms until P2; JT type checkpoint to make sure I don't suck it in... Defnitely harder on your point saying the right shoulder is dipping : thought is on CastA and right elbow dropping - to make sure the hand path is steep and the club is shallow (and not the other way around) - it goes quick and I'm guessing I should work on external rotation? (to make sure the elbow dips but not the shoulder)
  4. Thanks - and good observation, you are correct on that... I turn too much 'into' my right hip (sway danger) ->pelvis getting closer to the ball, even if I feel that I'm 'pushing back' on it... gotta work on that!
  5. Haha!... not yet - it is the best way to make sure you develop a swing that is snap-hook safe!... now - where is my hockey jockstrap?
  6. Just saw that the first video didn't load; so here it goes again - deleted the previous post : Don’t mind the look - winter practice in Canada... eh! Continued work on the casts - any help is appreciated... I’m seeing; arms separation on takeaway (need to work on Dan unfolded arms drill) / too long backswing probably (losing width and right elbow bending too much) / not that much EE but still trail hip thrusting at the ball in downswing... good on Cast A (I think) lead wrist ulnar and flexion by P6... but still feeling handsy on Cast B - can’t seem to finish low and left (although
  7. ... and do instructors find it 'weird' that the vast majority of golfers (not WRXers obvisouly - as people hanging around here usually want to know as much as possible on the swing and game) couldn't care less about the causes of these instructions?... just tell me what I should do with my trail elbow - rather than getting to know a bit of the biomechanics behind it all as to why you want to be doing these moves... Seems that when you start to talk about club focus (CoM, other), body motion (supination, else) and course management : 95% of the golfers don't even want to go there wi
  8. Good post - and I think the golf industry understands it way better than a few years back; thanks to technology - I guess we are at a crossroad, from positions seeking (static effects; as it was the best instruction possible capturing frames) to being able to 'see' in 3D dynamically where the CoM of the club is going, and how to use the momentum of the clubhead, to reroute it where you want it to be by making different body/arms/hands moves - and getting into the desired positions doing so... If you know where your clubhead is at all times during your swing, where momentum is taki
  9. Very good post - and I'm wondering if the golf industry in general isn't selling Wolff short saying 'well, he's just a freak that can do insane moves, it looks weird, you wouldn't want to try and do that'... while, to my untrained eye, it seems that he has ingrained exagerated moves that ensures he's at good positions dynamically... 1. way too many ams get the club inside on takeaway; he goes to the extreme by keeping his right arm straight and clubhead way outside, even chicken-winging his right elbow doing so... 2. way too many ams don't get the left wrist flexing in transition,
  10. Interesting - and I'm in the same boat, when I don't do it consciously, I'm not transfering back to the front at end of backswing - and I then rush it / swaying in the downswing - great for compression, awful for low point consistency... that's why I love the 'pressure' on lead foot (adding front knee flex Monte, Rory squat); even on toes ala Wolff stopping the horizontal force that causes swaying and enabling a lead hip pushback by getting pressure on outside of lead foot
  11. Very interesting - ties nicely with the force plates videos showing; horizontal (forward) / rotational / vertical (up) forces being applied to great swings and all the ‘stops’ (lead pressure / pushback / bracing) required to transfer that energy to the ball... thanks for sharing that term!
  12. Agreed and well explained on power; the whole idea on dynamic energy transfer to the lead side by recentering and stopping that horizontal force with pressure ‘in the ground’ from the lead foot - that stopping aspect is important (and your last phrase talks about it) rotational and vertical forces taking over from there...
  13. Extreme example to try and illustrate - lead foot only drill; if you are standing completely on your front foot by the time you are at the top and transition / downswing from there (it isn’t too hard to do actually if you pushback correctly on your lead hip; the point of the drill) - but wouldn’t that be over recentering?... any major drawback from it? (loss of speed/power)... and if there isn’t one, why aren’t we swinging that way? (I know, extreme example)
  14. I’m definitely with you on that - and that buzzword helps me in my pre shot routine... was just looking to see if there is a known major drawback when overdoing it; otherwise why not press like a madman on that lead foot getting to the top (obviously an exaggeration but you get the idea)
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