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  1. Hello for some reason I can’t hit the ball indoors so im looking for a outdoor club fitter. I found : True spec Omni and cool clubs Irvine but are there any more outdoor club fitters?
  2. Ya I agree I just like the skull head that pxg has , but I feel like it’s crazy to wear clothes with clubs I don’t have. I got a lot of Callaway shirts, because I hit them , I have Taylor made shirts because I hit them . but I don’t have pxg, cobra ping etc. shirts/hats because I don’t him them.
  3. Ya I’m kind of the same boat, I think a shirt would be Alright but then how about a pxg shirt and a Callaway hat , is that weird? lol I’m really diving deep I know. but still what do you guys think?
  4. Thx for this info man , i really like the real grass, Something happens were I can’t hit the ball in a studio for some odd reason so this is a huge +!
  5. Also 1 more thing to add, is I have like a 3k gift card from Roger Dunn, so I definitely want to purchase my clubs from Roger Dunn
  6. Hi I hope this makes sense I have a stupid question. is it weird to wear PXG clothes but I don’t have any PXG clubs? I dig there style but I don’t hit there clubs.
  7. I did this , I searched Los Angeles club fitting and la club fitting I guess I was not searching correctly ?
  8. I wanted to but I feel they are expensive?
  9. Hello, I’ve heard some bad experiences with club champion, so I wanted to know: where’s the best place in la for club fitting? thx!
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