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  1. This isn't so simple, there are many things that make the ball go longer, loft and shaft length, spin, tech, launch, strike, ability, strength etc.. So I suppose as BD showed you can hit the ball longer or shorter without changing club length and I bet he gapped out his lofts at something other than "traditional" and got spin / launch / dispersion numbers he liked. It's personal preference on this, I like the P790 lofts because the shaft lengths are more "traditional" but still go longer. I don't think one size fits all and distance gapping / spin / dispersion etc... are all issues, whatever g
  2. Our local public course was abandoned for years and recently the Council made a decision not to make it public park because it was just costing them too much to maintain what is essentially flood land. So they gave a free 20 year lease to new management who now have the $450 a year five day or $600 seven day unlimited golf memberships. At least the Council doesn't have to pay for land maintenance no one used it as public walking area anyway, there was a whole bunch of other parks around and it was overgrown and dangerous. I agree in general that Covid may have made us all a little
  3. Yes I agree, casual is a great way to look at golf, even in schools they could easily put in a synthetic putt green, I suppose giving out the putters would make the staff worry about hitting each other, but hockey (field and ice) and a lot of other sports have the same issue with sticks.
  4. Maybe I'm old fashioned and generally a proud, self reliant person who optimistically sees the sport I play as not excluding me when I can only find $20 a week to play and that's all I spend on entertainment a week in my whole life, no holidays etc for years. But I hope others can find a way to enjoy this sport and have something in their life that doesn't make them feel excluded. I'm sure golf doesn't need to be seen that way and I'd hate others to miss out on something that is a good life time hobby for those that choose it. I worry that many are excluded because of the bigotry
  5. Others are "lying or denying" is pretty strong stuff, just try to take a chill pill and see others aren't the rich evil to be opposed, we're all just ordinary people playing golf. It's not intentional, but you just have bad maths "more than 200% greater" If it was 50% greater it would be 1.5 times as much, if it was 100% greater it would 2 times as much, if it was 200% greater it would 3 times as much and so more than 200% greater is more than 3 times as much so 33k vs 100k. So 70k average vs probably less than 100k for golfers is not more than 200% greater it i
  6. Yeah up to this year I still played my 15 year old R7 irons and RAC wedges, I did get an "exclusive" / expensive replacement this year, I figured 1000 for a full new set of P790's irons (only play AW-5I, kept old hybrids and woods) was OK if I divided by 15 years that was just $65 a year The last iPhone I bought, the phone over heated when my daughter kept playing Pokemon on it and it warped and screen broke away from the insides, that was only 700 but it only lasted 2 years.
  7. Yeah as long as someone can feel better about blaming Covid bad behaviour on one guy or making it all about one guy and speculating out of nowhere in an article the media will always print it.
  8. I don't know who the source of that site are, but they are not using any bone fide stats, the census says the average Median household income was $68,700 in 2019, so more than 200% greater is just wrong, as that would be more than 3 times higher i.e. it would have to be less than $33,000 even if the golf figure 100k is correct and the Median not the mean. So it looks like the average Median household is about 70K and the golf Median not the Mean would be about the same or maybe 10-20k higher, 20% max, not 3 times or more than 200%. Lies damn lies and statistics from bad sources The differenc
  9. Yeah I don't think Bryson is long enough to say that's what won him the PGA, people are losing all perspective.
  10. In expensive places where land is scarce, maybe shorter courses, but hey everything is expensive in places where land is expensive, but it doesn't stop the driving range being a fun place to hit a few balls. I played a course that was only 1,200 yards par 3's the other day 9 holes it was fine and a good time, we have 2 like that around us. Do you have any short ones, they're probably reasonable prices? In New York I know it's short but Riis Park is only $15 a round weekdays and Forest Park in Queens is only $28 for 18 holes and that's a whole days entertainment not a couple of hours like a mov
  11. World Long Drive Champion, the video with him talking to Phil Mickelson about Calf Activation is a crack up
  12. I just can't see how it's exclusive for anyone, my parents never owned their own place until I left home and only started paying a mortgage in their 50's/60's and still paying it with one dead the other mid 80's. But they still came up with some money to take me to golf every week when I was a teen, maybe 3-5 bucks back then.
  13. Thanks, yeah great to hear that someone is thinking the same, I thought I was living in the only part of the world that charged $450 a year membership (no green fees) for a full 6000 yard 18 hole course, that's less than a night in a hotel in New York. So I'm not going crazy or in some Quantum Leap episode after all.
  14. I think what you're saying and what I'm hearing from a lot of people about golf recently is that being a PGA tour player is exclusive, sure is, I'm certainly not going to be joining that exclusive club anytime soon after nearly 40 years of trying to learn I'm not even at the back of a long queue and the queue keeps getting longer in front of me, even for the over 50's tour. And yeah I've had to work for a living for 30 years too. That doesn't make the sport "exclusive", real success in a sport is always "exclusive". I just want to play the game, and I think anyone can, that doesn't add up to "
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