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  1. Awesome! Thanks guys. According to my dry fit weights it looks like the swing weight will be less than 2 points off. Easy to fix with tip weights. I'm pretty excited for this trial thanks everyone!
  2. Hey guys, I was listening to McGolf on youtube on a live stream and the topic of graphite came up. He mentioned that you should always play the same length whether graphite or steel in irons. He also say that the reason OEMs suggest 1/2" longer in graphite is to make the swing weight comparable so there's less "difference" Now I ask you guys. I am building a hireko dynacraft 2iron for myself and my brother in law. We each got a steel shaft and a hybrid shaft (off the RBZ hybrids off of hireko). I suspect I will prefer the steel but that's the point of
  3. I'll make note (maybe even with a sharpie or a small piece of tape) of the orientation thanks
  4. Thanks guys, I was on a rollercoaster through this thread! Then I realized this sub forum is mostly serious builders building for others (or for self with a lot of experience) and then it made more sense. As a customer I wouldn't be okay with this. But since it's for myself I'll take a chance vs almost certainly ruining the shaft and adapter. I am pretty serious about my hobbies and I'm hoping club building will become a new hobby as well so I want to make sure I build good habits and take pride in my work. I appreciate all the insight and I'll update y'all if it comes
  5. And that last sentence is exactly my worry. Not only do I not have a puller, I have ZERO experience pulling graphite. Have done steel about a handful of times but graphite. No.
  6. Hey guys for anyone following my journey I just installed my first shaft adapter. a TM adapter for an R1 shaft. here's the negative. I tipped it and cut it perfectly. epoxied it, all went well. installed the grip. And then I realized that while I scraped the shaft and prepped it really well, I didn't sandpaper the inside of the brand new shaft adapter. How screwed am I? Should I remove and reinstall? wait for it to fail? am I just overstating the problem?
  7. So Stuart if I'm going to be adjusting the swing weight on my driver to reach roughly 215 grams, I should tip to about a 4wood on the chart even though it's my driver?
  8. I have experience hitting it on a friends 3W. it was tipped and butt trimmed to standard length and per the tip chart for the shaft (w2 I believe). As far as hitting it with a heavier head, I don't have any experience with that. Will 14 grams on the head really affect the stiffness much? I don't necessarily worry too much about it being say halfway from stuff to regular. but that's about as "soft" as I really want to see it if that makes sense.
  9. how I plan to achieve that weight right now is a mix of 6g shaft weight and 8g split between toe and heel weights
  10. Hi Guys, I am about to embark in my very first driver shaft install. I like drivers to be on the shorter end and I just got ahold of a TM R1 head. Here is my plan: Prolaunch red Stiff shaft cut (butt cut only?) to make playing length 44. Swingweight will be on the extreme low end, using an MCCplus4 Midsize grip and my shaft measuring in at 71 grams, I calculated needing roughly 14-16 grams to get me in the realm of D3. I have the weights for that. The problem is now by adding 14 grams to the head of the driver will affect stiffness. W
  11. Hey guys. About to install my first shaft. It's this shaft here https://www.rockbottomgolf.com/golf-clubs/club-making-gear/shafts/grafalloy-golf-prolaunch-red-oem-shaft/ I'm gonna be installing an adapter on it to go on my TM R1 driver. I want the final length to be somewhere between 44 and 44.25. I've already calculated I'll need to change my weights roughly 14-16 grams to make up the swing weight difference (given that I'm going MCCplus4 midsize on the grip) Anyway. To the point. This shaft doesn't need any tip trimming for driver u
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