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  1. After the first day playing my new replacement U510, another one bites the dust. Both U510s faces failed very quickly and began to cave. It seems like every hollow body club is designed for a certain swing speed profile. I’m in the 125mph driver and 103mph 7 iron category. Unfortunately, I think every utility irons is hollow construction. Question: What have people had success with who have elevated swing speeds? I’m considering Srixons new utility, but am fearful I’ll be right back where I started. Haven’t had good luck with P790s either as those also caved after one week
  2. With driver I agree and say the majority “do” lift their heel. I think this is significantly more common. Seems extremely difficult to not lift ur heel when hitting your driver with any kind of power. On the flip side, with iron play, I’d say the majority roll their trail foot. Many of the guys that lift hitting driver (most all do) seem to stay fairly flat and roll their foot through impact with irons. Tiger is a good example. Lifts heel with driver. FullSizeRender.mov
  3. This makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing.
  4. So does Colin Morikawa. All very talented players. It’s made we wonder if their heal lift with their irons is something they’ve been able to control and counter adjust to given their 1) skill 2) consistent timing 3) fact they hit 300+ Balls a day 4) Been doing it so long, it just works.
  5. I’m the typically ex-baseball guy that has the common heal lift issue. I lift as soon as my hips begin to rotate well before contact. I can’t help but notice the majority of tour guys who keep their heal down through impact or roll their foot through impact (especially with irons). Love this. I’ve read a number of places that lifting the heal is a cause of power loss. I’m not buying that. I float around 125mph swing speed and can creep over 130 if I go for it. Almost every long driver lifts their heal. Id love to simplify my swing and keep that heal down throu
  6. Looking for some people’s recommendations on “left handed” options for a players cavity. Ideally something that has as much forgiveness that a players cavity can have. The problem is I’ve been in a cycle of denting/caving the faces of every hollow body club I’ve used. My driver swing speed is ~125 and 7 iron is ~103. Taylormade has provided warranty replacements for caving faces on my M1s and 2 month old P790s. Most recently my brand new Titleist U510 has also caved. Getting very frustrated and tired of dealing with warranty claims and figure it’s time to move to a solid constructi
  7. Well! It seems this issue isn’t just with my P790s. My Titleist U510 that’s 3 weeks old started to cave as well. This cycle is really getting frustrating.
  8. That was my experience. Curious what others have noticed after a true walk in the PNW rain.
  9. How’s everyone’s Stadry bag working for them in the wet? I finally put my 2020 StaDry bag through the paces today. 9 hole round in the rain (no umbrella). Everything was soaked through. I suppose the zippers are waterproof, but the fabric/bag isn’t? Anyone else experience this?
  10. Well, I’m not playing this club for the distance benefits, but rather the tech/forgiveness. You bring up some good points that this isn’t a true “forged” club.
  11. I was giving them a quick clean and noticed the light refracting strange. Ran my finger over, and could even feel the cave.
  12. Thanks for the input. Makes a ton of sense. Love the P790 as I figured it gave me the perfect combination of forgiveness and form factor in a forged package. My dilemma is, I’ve taken a number of years away from the game and wanted a good iron to get back in the swing (without going game improvement). As an ex professional baseball player, swing speed isn’t the issue.....consistency is. Having a really hard time convincing myself a club like a P7 MC is the “right” club for me.
  13. Indeed! My face slots on the M1s were to the point of falling out. Was hoping the fully forged face (no speed slots) would have solved the issue.
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