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  1. Some good questions. For your first question, I'd say it's similar to a Peloton. Turn it on and you have access to the massive library of programs, workouts, and free lifts. I'm not sure how their notifications work as I have push notifications on my phone turned off. Your paying a "Netflix" like subscription for the content that Tonal creates. Can't use it without a subscription. I do think this is strange since, there's a massive library of "free lift" movements you can perform. You can also create "custom workouts" via the Tonal and mobile app. Both these features IMHO could be free for someone that doesn't care for the programming. The programing I think is what makes this thing so great, though. They bundle their Tonal flat bench, smart handles, smart bar, rope, foam roller, and yoga mat, into the final purchase price. No golf specific training regimen. I could see them adding sport specific programs in the future.
  2. Realistic..... Pretty cool that since it's digital weight, there's a few different "modes". More details here. Transform Your Strength Training Routine With Dynamic Weight Modes - Tonal
  3. It's quite a bit more than a dual pulley machine. In fact it's really nothing like a dual pully machine. A dual pully machine is very limited with the number of movements you can perform (compared to a Tonal). Let me explain, as it's hard to really "get it" unless you've used one. I also want to point out that Tonal's 200lbs of digital weight feels far greater than 200lbs. This is discussed pretty frequently online. Can you traditional bench press with a dual pully machine? Squat? Well, maybe for a squat you could clean the weight up, overhead press the bar and rack it on your shoulders? Maybe for a bench press you get set with the bar on your chest, then have a buddy slide the pins into the weight stack when your ready to go? . I'm being fasciculus, but my point is, an old school dual pully machine is very limited. Great for certain movements, but it's just a pully machine at the end of the day. The Tonal functions more like a set of free weights (dumbbells, barbell), and pully system combined. You can activate and deactivate the weight with a push of a button (smart buttons on handle ends and barbell clip). This means for a squat you can rack the bar on your shoulders with 0lbs, push a button, and have 200lbs of digital weight in a second. This is pretty awesome for movements like squats, bench press, overhead press, etc where you need to get into position since the Tonal isn't a "rack". FWIW, I'm a guy with a 450lb deadlift. Sure, I can't deadlift 450lbs on the Tonal. Albeit the number of movements this thing can do, and total package (data, programs, live classes (coming soon), yoga, Pilates, wife's usage, form factor) makes it worth it to me. Not to mention the overall quality of the workouts are absolutely amazing. I'm one strong dude myself and can also max out a dual pully machine any day. Tonal makes a b**ch out me, and that's what matters
  4. I'm not sure you have tried a Tonal. Let's break down your statements. It’s not very functional - Tonal is probably the most dynamic and functional piece of strength training equipment to enter the consumer space in history. Movements Archive - Tonal. Cannot replace a gym. - it really can, unless you are an elite level power lifter. Posting link to movement's Tonal is capable of again. Movements Archive - Tonal. I also don’t understand the price point and the subscription to own a bench and a mirror in your home - Tonal is much different than Lululemon's Mirror. Do you need a $4,000 virtual coach to tell you to do push-ups and curls and cardio - The $4,000 unit is a really an entire gym capable of these movements, Movements Archive - Tonal. Sounds like you are describing a Mirror.
  5. Curious why you think it’s a gimmick? I’m guessing you must have tried one to make that statement? My two other friends I’m referencing above that convinced me to pull the trigger are both ex pro athletes as well. One ex NY Yankee and the other a former US Ski team GS and and Super G medalist. Myself included as a ex pro athlete. All of us incredibly fit with long history’s and careers living in a weight room with free weights and personal trainers at our fingertips. We all love it.
  6. Like others said, it’s $4,000 after accessories, install, deliver and tax’s. I did the 0% /48 months financing option. $86/month unit + $50/month subscription.
  7. Good question. That was my exact concern as well since you typically associate a cable machine with movements like flys, tricep pull downs, etc. I’ve found there really isn’t a movement I can’t do on the Tonal, that I don’t prefer to do on the Tonal. I think that’s why I keep loving this machine and keep being so impressed. The weight is “digital” and and I believe controlled by magnets in the machine, so it feels much different than ur typical cable machine. I’m doing traditional bench w/ the bar, alternating single arm bench press w/ handles, physio ball bench press, bosu ball bench press, and more. Really is amazing. Bench press is awesome. No more loading/unloading weights either. The only movement I’ve found I can max out the Tonal on is deadlift at 200lbs. Note, the digital weight 200lbs feels like 350lbs with a barbell. This doesn’t bother me though, as I’ve found plenty of other leg movements to fill the void of going max heavy on DL.
  8. Little background on my game. Until last October, I had spent nearly 20 years away from golf. After professional baseball career with the Red Sox, I turned hardcore cyclist and father of two. My time in the gym was at an all time low due to COVID, cycling, work, and parenting. As I got back into golf, I realized my how neglected my overall strength and core had become. I’m back to single digits, but looking for every way to become a better golfer, and stronger / healthier person again. After hearing about Tonal from a few friends, I decided to make the plunge. Overall, I couldn’t be more excited and in love with this thing. As someone who knows their way around a weight room, I can confidently say, Tonal is an absolute game changer. Few reasons I love this thing! *The quality of the machine excellent. Some serious engineering went into this. * Virtually silent. * Smart handles. The bar and handles have smart buttons that allow you to turn on/off the weight. You can simply get into position and click a button and turn on the weight. Complete game changer. * Auto weight adjusting. Don’t even think about what weight to use anymore. The initial setup of Tonal runs you through a strength assessment and sets ur default weights. As you get stronger, it knows and increases the weight for you. The machine knows me better than I do. * Coaching. These guys (and gals) are really good. Workouts are awesome. The yoga, and Pilates workouts on the Tonal are another awesome way to increase mobility and core strength. * Wife will like! One of the best things about it is, you don’t need to like working out to like Tonal’ing (verb?). * Time. Let’s be real, wifey already hates how much I play golf. No more spending time driving to and from a gym. * Loading weight. Yeah, that’s not a thing anymore. Feel free to ask me any questions! I’m 6 months in with Tonal and can’t say enough good things. The unit has tremendously helped my over strength and made me excited to get back to how I felt in my “prime”. disclaimer - I’m in no way affiliated with Tonal. Just a happy customer.
  9. After the first day playing my new replacement U510, another one bites the dust. Both U510s faces failed very quickly and began to cave. It seems like every hollow body club is designed for a certain swing speed profile. I’m in the 125mph driver and 103mph 7 iron category. Unfortunately, I think every utility irons is hollow construction. Question: What have people had success with who have elevated swing speeds? I’m considering Srixons new utility, but am fearful I’ll be right back where I started. Haven’t had good luck with P790s either as those also caved after one week of ownership. Picture below shows closer to hosel where face is flush. Other image is closer to center where caving is occurring.
  10. With driver I agree and say the majority “do” lift their heel. I think this is significantly more common. Seems extremely difficult to not lift ur heel when hitting your driver with any kind of power. On the flip side, with iron play, I’d say the majority roll their trail foot. Many of the guys that lift hitting driver (most all do) seem to stay fairly flat and roll their foot through impact with irons. Tiger is a good example. Lifts heel with driver. FullSizeRender.mov
  11. This makes perfect sense. Thanks for sharing.
  12. So does Colin Morikawa. All very talented players. It’s made we wonder if their heal lift with their irons is something they’ve been able to control and counter adjust to given their 1) skill 2) consistent timing 3) fact they hit 300+ Balls a day 4) Been doing it so long, it just works.
  13. I’m the typically ex-baseball guy that has the common heal lift issue. I lift as soon as my hips begin to rotate well before contact. I can’t help but notice the majority of tour guys who keep their heal down through impact or roll their foot through impact (especially with irons). Love this. I’ve read a number of places that lifting the heal is a cause of power loss. I’m not buying that. I float around 125mph swing speed and can creep over 130 if I go for it. Almost every long driver lifts their heal. Id love to simplify my swing and keep that heal down through impact. Is the real benefit minimizing early extension? Creating a foundation for simplified swing resulting in more consistent results? Just haven’t been able to wrap my head around the “real” benefit. Would love to hear opinions on this!
  14. Looking for some people’s recommendations on “left handed” options for a players cavity. Ideally something that has as much forgiveness that a players cavity can have. The problem is I’ve been in a cycle of denting/caving the faces of every hollow body club I’ve used. My driver swing speed is ~125 and 7 iron is ~103. Taylormade has provided warranty replacements for caving faces on my M1s and 2 month old P790s. Most recently my brand new Titleist U510 has also caved. Getting very frustrated and tired of dealing with warranty claims and figure it’s time to move to a solid construction club. I can assume that this problem would persist with hollow construction clubs from manufacturers other than TM and Titleist. A P790/P770, Apex, T200, ForgeTec, etc, are probably the “best” clubs for me given my playing patterns. I’m a 10 HCP. I’ve going to go hit a P7-MC and T100. Any other solid body clubs I should consider? What would have a higher level of forgiveness in this category? And no.... I’m not taking Kyle Berkshire hacks over here. I’m just a normal guy, taking smooth swings, that used to play professional baseball. Thanks!
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