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  1. Used to have it - the handle doesn’t dig into your back when carrying. Incredible carry bag and much better than newer version in my opinion.
  2. Fair enough — wonder why Titleist changed the design. The material, pockets and straps were so much better. Also the stand mechanism craps on the collapsable base which just ends up resulting in club tangle.
  3. I don’t think I’d ever consider using this bag if I were to carry for 18. While the straps are comfortable, the balance and weight aren’t ideal. If I carried full time I’m going Hoofer Lite or a SM 2.5 every day of the week. Probably lean towards 2.5 because of the weight
  4. I think it’s older than 2018, no? I actually sold my original in 2018 and know I had it for at least a couple years. Small detail but I love how it has the strap to keep the legs from pushing out when on the cart.
  5. How long have you had yours? What are the main factors that have led you to keep gaming it versus buying something new?
  6. Let’s go!!!! I just took mine out for 18 today for the first time. So glad to be back with it after selling my original 3 years ago. Such a great bag if you use a push cart or ride.
  7. Used the bag for the first time today on my push cart — can confirm bag is heavy. Despite that it fits like a GLOVE on my Bag Boy push cart, minimal to no club tangle, water bottle pocket is perfect size, and the pockets are nice and big. Wonder why Titleist stopped using this design, there new bags suck compared to this bad boy.
  8. In addition to Hoofer I highly recommend the old Titleist bags. I just pulled the trigger on a newish one I found on eBay. These are the ones that have the kick stand mechanism like the SM bags have - this means zero club tangle. The top is pretty big too for being 4-way. Also has a strap to secure the legs when using push cart or riding. Has tons of storage thick straps and nice sized water bottle pocket. Highly recommend if you want a light weight stand bag for a push cart
  9. The OG king of bags right here — how many bags you got in the stable right now G?
  10. As someone who doesn’t carry and primarily uses a push cart or rides, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Probably won’t be packing the pockets like your buddy though, still like to keep it somewhat light.
  11. I had one for years and for some reason decided to sell it and moved to Hoofer. Spotted this bad boy on eBay and it gave me chills.
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