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  1. Bit too retro for what I’m looking for. Thanks for the offer.
  2. Anyone have any Hoofers they’re looking to sell?
  3. No club logos. Older models preferred. Thx.
  4. Whats with all the Orange on the new bags? Do people really like Orange that much on their golf equipment. Wild IMHO.
  5. Nvm found em: https://golfbagplace.com/collections/mens-stand-bags
  6. Anyone see the Sun Mountain 2022 lineup yet? If you know where to view it all in one spot please let me know. Thx.
  7. Started seeing a couple on Carl’s Golf Land. Anyone know where I can find pictures of all of them?
  8. It’s a great driver. I could see how you’d see such a big gain coming from a driver as old as the Nike Vapor. For me coming from a driver only a few years old I didn’t see as big of a difference that justified the hefty price tag.
  9. The things you didn’t touch on was FEEL & COMFORT. Everyone loves to say to get fit but these are things that are immeasurable by a professional club fitter. I’ll take that over faster ball speed any day of the week.
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