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  1. This is so sleek. In my mind, it’s “green light” on the tee box to smoke one down the middle!
  2. If you can, it seems like you should get fitted to whichever model fits your swing best, given how much $$$ you’re going to drop on the new driver. That’s my plan at least.
  3. Peter Finch > Rick Shiels I’ve learned a ton since I started following Pete’s channel.
  4. Last year’s putter models were announced the first week of March, so I would guess around the same time. If you Google “Taylormade Spider GT putter”, you can find some pics of what look like the new model on the inferior forum site. They were posted on WRX, but the Instagram link no longer works.
  5. Five alternative face colors. I’m kind of liking the green. Gray is available for the more traditional look.
  6. Good info on Golf Galaxy…a few things caught my eye: - Stealth+ 3W up to 175 CC from 170 on SIM2 while Stealth “regular” stays at 190 CC, which is the same as SIM2 Max - Carbon face is larger than SIM models “11% larger than SIM2 and SIM2 Max drivers and nearly 20% larger than the 2020 SIM Driver” - Stealth irons ship date is 4/1/22 - Tour shafts available through big box retailers with the lower degree heads (except Draw model), which I don’t recall seeing in past years - Hybrids look very similar to SIM2
  7. Yeah, it looks classy. I’m interested in seeing the shape at address. I doubt that it changed much, but Titleist isn’t showing us that yet!
  8. I like the look of SM8 too. I think it’s very sleek. That said, it would seem like bad business for Titleist to make the new iteration cosmetically identical to the previous model. I’m sure we’ll find out for sure in someone’s tour bag over the next couple of months.
  9. Thanks for the tip! I looked at the post and I could be wrong, but it looks like the SM8 wedges to me (based upon the one on the far left). Given he tagged Titleist in his post, I would imagine he is following the embargo rules.
  10. Ditto….seems like not much more to learn about the Stealth here, until the embargo is lifted and official reviews come out.
  11. Just the person I am looking for! Could you run a stat analysis on what % of the content in these 80 pages is actually related to the thread title? It seems like it’s gotten way off track.
  12. Here are Tiger’s comments on the Stealth, starting at 10:00. It sounds like the CG placement was a big deal for him. Oh, and he likes the color!
  13. This is a valid point, but given the unpredictable nature of Tiger's 2022 tour schedule, I think TaylorMade would take its chances. Every golfer will at least want to try if not buy the new Stealth driver if they see that the GOAT put it in the bag.
  14. Would you mind sharing a link to the one you bought? Thanks!
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