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  1. I got one for a great deal and got it refinished by Kyle from bastainmilled
  2. Simple. When confidence is lost.
  3. He would do something to mess it up. Champions choice was fine until the 3 lines went everywhere
  4. Shipping by usps in US ONLY. PAYPAL for payments. will entertain Titleist or cameron trades or specific sl2 stitch or linkmaster bags. First is the 716 heads conditions in pictures. T-MB 4 and CB 5-PW $sold Aldila RIP Alpha red eyes titleist adapters z-cord standard Measurements on pictures Fits tsi,ts,917,ect 70x for driver 80x for 3 wood 105s for hybrid $125 for lot or $50 each
  5. You're correct, you may have miss understood my comment. I was stating he scotty made multiple variations of that "delmar" style and JAT was one of them.
  6. Not sure on the actual base design but I'm going to wing it and would throw scotty in even though everyone calls him a copy cat. He is definitely the one to make multiple variations of that design. His JAT is great for me and is currently in the bag.
  7. If he was wise he would make a simpler design. Based off his upcoming limited release its just the same old stuff. Needs to go back to putting titleist in the cavity imo. Cherry bombs are right there with middle-aged men and nike monarchs. It's "timeless" to them.
  8. Shout stain remover with a microfiber towel. If that doesn't work then it's not going to come out.
  9. Here come the custom plumbers neck x5s. won't be a bad thing
  10. I'm currently playing with it. I mainly got it because it was a putter I always wanted as a kid. I was surprised I was rolling it so well and has now inspired a ton of confidence In my putting.
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