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  1. btyh

    Scotty Tip Size

    Been told that it needs a flair tip. Golfworks sells a true temper that should fit. Assuming it's a .395
  2. btyh

    Scotty Tip Size

    Should be .370
  3. Usually customer service doesn't know much behind the scenes info. They aren't going to go out of there way and make Taylor his personal bag. When there's other players on tour with the old premium stand.
  4. Finally something without a big cherry bomb....
  5. Updated staff stand. Looks the same as previous 20/21 black and red just with the updated touches of current staff bags. (from the golfwrx Valero Texas pictures)
  6. Shouldn't this topic be called "titleist delayed orders" now....
  7. Yeah you don't see them because they are very sought-after. The conversions basically give you a 2007 tei3
  8. Real just someone changed the paint fill colors
  9. Previous models are fantastic, but some had durability issues. I haven't experienced that with mine
  10. Public or private. if I wanted to put generic covers on I'd use generic clubs. Branding is a status symbol especially a golfwrx'r wants to show they have the latest and greatest
  11. Lucky to have pair of 13-14s they clean amazing after every round!
  12. Correct pro only, but like MP said it's not exact. I believe the pistolini plus is about 80grams not sure on pro only
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