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  1. Careful, it's very addictive.... lol! I'm on my 9th and 10th
  2. Correct! Very close. You won't regret it. He also has fantastic milling patterns.
  3. Here is a example of the finish that norcal did.
  4. Norcal still replicates the pro platinum finish
  5. Yea I'll keep a eye out for a shaft band on the bay too
  6. Go for it! Works great when I walk and can sit in the tee holders on the cart when you ride but of course when its parked
  7. If you see the pictures closer he's hitting it very far off the toe and some skied shots ended up denting the crown. Definitely doesn't look like anger was the culprit
  8. Possibly made by UST Mamiya? I added a picture of the shaft as well as my project too
  9. Definitely, I have mine in hand and it's no different other than its taper vs step less but that's what I was looking for. I believe kbs has some black shafts in .335 available. I wanted to keep this one more traditional so I grabbed the golfworks since it was the cheapest and fastest alternative
  10. No unfortunately but I can't tell the difference. I got one for my tei3 but I won't be sending it to bos until winter
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