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  1. btyh

    GSS v Carbon steel

    Type in the search bar here you'll find your answers fast
  2. That's awesome! I've seen these on the bay but was turned away since it I was told that it's aluminum. Probably going to buy one for my 2.5
  3. Thanks I was on the fence with getting sm8s but after stripping the rust and giving them new paint, I think they are staying in the bag!
  4. You can get anything refinished these days. I have some old mp-33s I would love to remove the chrome but im just not at that level anymore
  5. You'd think grey would have been in there too
  6. I'm sure I'll catch it from some diehards but if swag had tour sponsors.....
  7. You bought it from Amazon... to file a return on the app and take it to kohl's
  8. Norcal does a similar finish its called tour mist
  9. If you know he is a tour player then why is there a doubt on authenticity?
  10. He's one of the very few. his dad is playing them, I'm not sure how he was hitting it during the father son. my little experience with the tsi3 is that it's one to have to get the feel down to get it dialed. I've yet to play them on the course but my short fitting it blew my ts3 metrics, feel, and looks out of the water for me. Excited to have a go on a nice warm DRY day lol
  11. Has anyone tried navel jelly strange it has the wedge will rust over time buy you have to sand the finish off. I feel there's a way to strip this finish to a raw finish.
  12. This is my "pansy" display... every putter and putter cover has or is being used.
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