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  1. Sm9s are the only thing. May see if new select models will be released
  2. Tsi3 / best driver I've owned and doubt they can make it better f3.05 with Updated tech this was when prototype made it in play with no embargos. Personally built titleist CB one-off like jt and Adam scotts. A classic CB with pronounced muscle like the 681 with tungsten and large titleist engraving only in the middle. personally built hand ground vokeys with only large titleist on the back Personally built cameron GSS welded long neck Newport Beach.
  3. I put my glove over my alignment sticks when putting and after 18 it goes right around one of the back straps.
  4. Tsi3 surprised me and is staying in my bag. From the trackman fitting till now it's very straight. Had a rough start dialing in my tsi3 driver, it's going to be hard for me to move both out of the bag now.
  5. He sells LH Kits! All I can think of is where the spud is located to determine the offset, but mine is slightly less than a normal plumbers neck. And as far as torching the aluminum, from what I can remember it doesn't change color if torched but you can definitely have it anodized
  6. I get that, for you're response for the circle t sss should have been stated based off your circle t Newport 2 response... Circle t sss - a circle t stamped putter made from surgical stainless steel
  7. What do you mean circle t sss not a putter? Or are you just saying that because it's called something else?
  8. It says by titleist on the putter. He was definitely affiliated with them on this model. Nevertheless, good pick up!
  9. Yeah I was referring to retail. With multiple grinds and lofts with that finish. At regular price. But with the limited supplies I doubt we'll ever see that.
  10. Random cleaning of my screen shots, I found some sm8 shots that dated beginning of December from vokeys insta from initial tour testing. I'm sure it won't be the same but one can hope.
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