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  1. Some people arnt as ocd, but if you properly position each club before a round and after the shot Try and place it back in the same order then you'll rarely run into jamming
  2. Doubt it will happen since raw is extra on wedge works. But man those oilcans if you got tired of the finish just set it in coke and bam you had your self a raw finish. Good times
  3. btyh

    Newport II tour

    It's real. Honestly it's priced right. It won't last on the bay long.
  4. Good call.. I was thinking bring back the oilcan vs the black finish.
  5. Obvious difference is more spin with tsi2 vs tsi3. now the performance you'll get is based off your swing metrics.
  6. primarily prov1 but in all honesty I'll pick up any soft cover ball I find out on the course and play them
  7. It looked like you could place a order. I'm sure that select few tried it out.
  8. You're not lying I have a few myself. 33.5, and 34. The catilina classic 2007 is same size as the midsur without the plumbers neck but 251g. Didn't get along with it not having a plumbers so it's currently going to be a long neck project.
  9. Not the hate on Byron it's the ones on here giving hate to cameron and they have a look alike like the examples I've shown. Personally Ive always been interested in early circle t putters. knowing they were used by someone or sat by the practice greens on Monday through Wednesday. Every one I've come across someone had a story with it. New Cameron's and New gallery circle ts are hard to understand and justify Good quality work you have. some of my favorite Byron's. just a clean slate. And unique long neck.
  10. Yea if you can't afford something gives no reason to give hate. All growing up In the game I always wanted a cameron. Gives you drive, gives you something to <work> for. Something that is lacking in the states. Now unfortunately left hand situation is sad. My closest friend is lefty but still has his love for cameron. gives me alot of respect for him due to the lack of left hand options but didn't stop him from playing what gives him the most passion.
  11. Yea more power to him. More the keyboard warriors saying copy cat this copy cat that have a [scotty cameron] from another builder
  12. As horrible as the 3 dots are what's worse is Byron throwing it on his putters
  13. I'm over all of it. Even worse are the big single tour dots all the "scotty haters" who says scotty is a copy cat and go buy Byron Morgan's that is basically a scotty cameron saying "it's the greatest putter" ever ruined it and now every resto company are putting them on putters like it's a guaranteed one putt if you get it on your putter. Sorry for the rant. My biggest equipment annoyance.
  14. Called a mid sur. Old belly putter but head is about 375g
  15. I guess you're referring to the random tour rats and x5's now it's random dots for the Select tours.
  16. Sad if people are after 3 circles. Let alone putting one on any putter
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