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  1. I agree with everything here. This past season was my second coming back from a 15 year hiatus. One thing that I would add to this list is that I really need to stop spending so much money on clubs. I also need to practice a little more.
  2. I've been wearing progressive lenses for about 20 years now. I'm so used to them that they don't bother me for golf at all. The only time they bother me is when I read my scorecard, but that's not the glasses' fault! I also use clip-ons when I play on a sunny day.
  3. Lee Elder passed away yesterday. He was the first African-American to play in the Masters. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lee_Elder
  4. My wife and I drove past our local golf course this afternoon. My intention was to go in and ask them if they were still open, since it's looking like Wednesday will be sunny but cool. But as we drove by I noticed that all the flags were gone from all the greens, a sure sign that the course was closed for the season. Bummer! So what's next? Time for indoor winter training. First off, working on my swing. I live in a small apartment, so my swing will be just a backswing, and downswing to contact. I use a very heavy homemade club, so I can groove my swing and build up my golf muscles as well. Then I practice my pitching and chipping swings, with emphasis on good form and solid contact, all without a ball. Third, I work on short putts of five feet or less. Last, lifting weights with small handheld dumbbells. I also plan on working on my mental game, although beyond reading about it I'm not sure what I'll do yet. There are free yoga and tai chi courses at my local senior center. I might look into those as well. A good long walk on a nice day would do me good as well.
  5. Not to hijack this thread, but the first thing I thought of for just a moment when I saw the title of this thread was - a Dairy Queen (DQ) before teeing off? Yes please!!
  6. In his book The Little Red Book Harvey Penick says the three most important clubs are the putter, the driver, and the wedge. He also writes that when Ben Hogan was asked the same question Hogan said that the most important clubs are the driver, the putter, and the wedge, only changing the order around. In that same spirit I'm asking you all what do you think are the three most important golf shots? Here's mine. 1. The drive. A well struck drive with accuracy and distance sets up the entire hole for effective scoring. Whether it's with a driver on a long par 4 or 5, a 3-wood on a tight fairway or an iron on a par 3, a good shot sets up everything to follow. I've noticed that whenever I hit a good drive I almost never have a blow-up hole, whereas my blow-up holes always start with a poor drive. So, a good drive is extremely important. 2. A reliable pitch shot. Dial in a reliable 30, 40, 50 and 60 yard pitch shot. Practice the hell out of them, and your scoring will improve tremendously! Get a good pitching form, slide the club under the ball, and land the ball softly on the green, hopefully close to the hole. 3. Good short putting skill. the odds of sinking a mid to long putt are not good, so it behooves a golfer to work on short putts. It's a shot that can be practiced in your living room. Nothing worse than missing a short putt for par, and compounding things by missing short putts. Scott Hoch missed a two-footer at the 1989 Masters, which is why he doesn't have a green jacket. So these are my three most important shots. What are yours?
  7. It must have been surreal to be playing golf while overhead Spitfires and Hurricanes were fighting Messerschmitts and Heinkels. There had to have been bullets raining down on them! I have to tip my hat to these wartime golfers. They were not about to let a little thing like the Battle of Britain stop them from enjoying their game.
  8. I've been playing the Bulls Eye putter I got off eBay since last September, and my putting has really improved. The ball comes off the sweet spot so pure, and it's a very easy putter to aim. Frankly I don't see myself using another putter ever again!
  9. I've been playing my classic set almost exclusively this past season. My driver is a Ben Hogan driver that I refinished many years ago. It's persimmon and I installed a Grafalloy ProLite r-flex shaft in it. The thing is that I've never taken it to the range, fearing that those rock-hard balls will somehow damage my driver. It's the main reason why I play with Wilson Duo Soft balls. Do any of you practice with your persimmon drivers at the range? Should I just get an el-cheapo persimmon driver and use that at the range?
  10. Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips on all my clubs. However, I do miss the older Tour Wrap grips that Golf Pride used to make. They felt great and lasted forever.
  11. Played what was possibly the last round of the year yesterday with my son. The weather was sunny and warm for one day only, so we took advantage of it. As usual I had my classic clubs, and all in all we played our usual round. I finished with a 47, and my son beat me with a 46. My attitude has changed since I watched that Peter Finch video I mentioned in a previous post. I quickly forgot my bad shots, focused on the shot at hand, and only remembered the good shots. It made a big difference in my attitude with my game. I think the only thing that pissed me off was that on several greens I would hit a good approach shot, only to have the ball run off to some far corner of the green. It made for some good lag putting practice! All in all a good, fun round on a beautiful day, and I'm already looking forward to playing again next April, unless another nice day comes along in the next few weeks, which is doubtful considering it'll be December in New England!
  12. These were the local rules for one golf club if you were playing while the Battle of Britain waged overhead. Those Brits were hardcore indeed!
  13. It's pretty damn hard to get better playing nine holes only once a week and practicing in my living room. As a rule I generally play bogey golf, which puts me squarely at an 18. What I try to guard against is the blow-up hole; I've had my share, which sometimes pisses me off to no end. All I want to see is some improvement in my game, but consistency can be so elusive. I think Finch is right, golf is indeed a game of chaos!
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