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  1. How difficult is it to reshaft a Callaway Big Bertha War Bird driver from the mid-1990s? I'm not saying I'm going to try to do it, maybe get a clubmaker to try, but I was just wondering if anyone here has tried it, and what it entails.
  2. New Bag Day! I needed a new bag, since my old carry bag was getting long in the tooth and since I now ride carts it was now time for a cart bag. After doing my homework on Amazon I settled on this bag, a Founders Club cart bag. Dividers for each club, tons of pockets, and zippers that actually work. There's even an insulated pocket for keeping drinks cold! Great looking bag as well! Got it just in time, since the courses should be opening soon, probably the first week of April.
  3. I was going to start a new thread on the Ginty, but I'll just continue this one instead. I've been gaming a Ginty since I started using one back in the 90s. I refinished it and made it look pretty, but soon found out how useful it is. Off the tee it hits 190 yards reliably, but it's real purpose is getting out of the rough. I swear it'll get you out of the thickest rough, with the possible exception of the really nasty US Open stuff. A few years ago I found and bought another Ginty from my local Salvation Army store, and it's now my backup. I'll never play a round anywhere without a Ginty
  4. I was just watching a video on YouTube of a show from the early 1960s called Celebrity Golf. It was a half-hour show with Sam Snead taking on a celebrity in a nine-hole match for charity. The episode I just watched was with James Garner. When Garner would putt he would use his putter as a plumb bob in order to see the break on a putt. At the end of the match Garner explained how it works. Seems interesting. Anybody here ever try it?
  5. I had posted something a few days ago about a set of 1963 Haig Ultra irons. I had asked about making the lofts stronger, and I was dissuaded from doing so (thanks, dlygrisse and TommyRam). I attribute that to my lack of knowledge about blade irons. Last night I was watching some videos on YouTube when I came across this video from one of my favorite golf channels, Rick Shiels Golf. In this video he discusses blades vs cavity backs, and he says the reason blades have weaker lofts is because they're not meant for distance but for precision. You want to hit the ball higher with blades because yo
  6. Guess I'll just keep them the way they are. They're wonderful irons, easy to play and with a sweet feeling once you hit it on the sweet spot. One thing I did do was measure them, and they measure one club shorter, so a 5-iron is really a 6-iron, and so on. I'll just have to remember that next time I take them out to play. If it's a 7-iron shot, I'll take out the 6-iron. I will regrip them however, before the season begins.
  7. I have a set of 1963 Haig Ultra irons which I played for a couple of rounds last summer. The clubheads are showing their age - some of the plating is chipping off, they could stand a regrooving, but the faces aren't too beat up. The shafts are fine, but a regripping is in order. The clubs play well as a rule, but the lofts are weak compared to more modern clubs, in other words a 7-iron is actually an 8-iron, and so on. My question is, is it worth it to make the lofts stronger, more like a modern club, and will the old plating withstand it or will it crack and chip off? I'd like to play them ag
  8. Just picked up an old Odyssey Rossie 2 putter from eBay for the huge sum of $16.00. Got rid of the oversize Tiger Shark grip and replaced it with a smaller Golf Pride grip. Right now I'm only able to putt in my living room, but so far I'm very impressed. From close in it practically putts itself! Can't wait to try it once spring comes.
  9. Just got a Rossie 2 that I won at eBay for $16.00. Had to replace the grip, as it had an ugly red oversize Tiger Shark grip. Can't wait to try it once the snow finally melts away.
  10. I had no indication that my grip would be tacky. I wanted a leather grip for my putter, but never having had one before I had no idea about the tackiness.
  11. A few months ago I bought a Grip Master leather putter grip from GolfWorks for installation on my Otey Crisman putter. After I installed it I noticed that the grip was incredibly tacky, too much for my tastes. I assumed that in time it would get less tacky and would feel fine, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It still feels crazy tacky to me! Is there a way to get rid of some of that tackiness, maybe some saddle soap or some kind of leather conditioner?
  12. That shouldn't be a problem. I can either hit the range with a roll of lead tape, or take the clubs to a golf shop and have the swingweights adjusted.
  13. That's what I'm thinking. I just want to put together a set so I can try it next spring and how it performs with the single plane swing I'm using. If it seems to be worth using it then I can upgrade to a better iron set.
  14. I'm thinking of building myself a same length iron set on a budget, just to see if I'll like them. I've found some old iron heads on eBay, and I'm thinking of buying steel shafts for them. True Temper Command shafts on The GolfWorks site are $4.99 a shaft. They also offer shaft PUREing at $19.50 each. My question is - is it absolutely necessary?
  15. I'll eventually be getting a tripod with an attachment for a phone, so I'll be using it to film myself. You're probably right, I might be surprised. It'll certainly be a great tool for improving my swing.
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