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  1. If you wanna play a preview round at Greenhills just let me know. We are redoing the driving range and should be open around mid to end January depending on weather.
  2. I have been playing 50,56,62 and loving it.
  3. I like to have it. When i play the San Francisco golf club we are not allowed any electronic devices, ie gps or range finder. Everything is off a card. Walk off distance from traps.
  4. I belong to greenhills so if you ever wanna ask a question let me know. i have been there since a junior member in 84
  5. If i were you i would look into Greenhills cc in millbrae. I belong there and they have some good deals going right now. I belong to OC downtown membership and play some times out there. I used to belong to lake Merced. I play all of them around here a lot. From lake Merced to cal club to Pennisula club. I am kinda partial to greenhills because you can always just show up and get a game.
  6. I am actually really curious also. The reason i posted here is because i was skeptical about the choice but the numbers looked great. I tried a couple shafts but none were titleist options i believe. I did try a couple different heads and titleist had best ball speed and carry and smash factor was 1.48 with club speed of 112.3.
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I am going to a GOLFTEC and do a fitting and see what shafts i can get that are comparable. Or i am going to try and have a titleist rep come to the club and fit me if i can
  8. Thank you all for the replies. I agree with all of you that it is way to much. I liked the numbers from trackman but they were not all that different with some other shafts, Just slightly better. I m going to do another fitting with another company and see what hey come up with. Between that shaft and the oban kiyoshi tour limited 60 #4 the numbers are not that far off. Ball speed is around 163.2 with Accra and 163.0 with oban launch angle is similar at about 10.9 and spin rate is around 2900 on both. Thank you guys for the help. If the next fitter ones up with similar numbers i will talk
  9. Ok so i got fitted for a driver and 3 wood. The numbers say i am hitting theTitleist tsi3 8 degree driver with Accra Tour Z RPG 462 M4+. 3 Wood was same tsi3 13.5 degree with Accra tour Z TZ6 75 M4 tipped .5. Problem is i wasn’t planning on spending that much money. They want $2,200 for both. The driver shaft is $625 with tax. It all seems kinda high. I was planning on driver being around $800 or so and 3 wood around $500. My clubs i belong too can not get that combo from titleist so i can’t get a discount. Should i go to a different club fitter and see if the numbers are the same with
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