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  1. Is it common? No, definitely not. I have heard of courses who will let people play right up until the shotgun start time. However, they always let people teeing off know that they have to be off the course by XXXX time. My guess is that either the person doing the tee sheet that day was completely aloof, or this is a regular (albeit completely idiotic) practice at your club and they just assume that everyone knows about it.
  2. From the USGA website: New Rule: Under Rule 4.1: A player is not allowed to replace a damaged club, except when it is damaged during the round by an outside influence or natural forces or by someone other than the player or his or her caddie. You can only replace it if it is damaged during the round. You couldn't start the round with a damaged/broken club and then decide halfway through that you now want to replace it.
  3. As someone who played college golf my first tip would be... don't do it. Unless you HAVE to walk you should always choose a cart if it's raining or going to rain. It's a huge pain in the a** and never worth it in my opinion. If you insist on walking... You'll definitely need 3-4 towels (big and small), rain gloves, really nice rain gear, a large umbrella, and a rain hood or bag cover. Hang 2 of the smaller towels on the rods under your umbrella to keep them dry. Wear the rain gloves 100% of the time. Once they get wet they can be hard to get on/off. Keep your rai
  4. That's okay. I'm really only interested in playing in their club championship. I believe they host it the weekend of the first full week in April each year.
  5. I'm thinking about joining Augusta National, but does anyone have any info on their monthly F&B minimums? I don't want to pay for a bunch of food I'm not eating so that could be a deal breaker for me....
  6. Outside of rush hour times you're probably slightly closer to Nashville than Murfreesboro. I've played a few of the courses around Murfreesboro over the years and I'd say they are just okay. They are definitely cheaper, but they get a TON of play and are no where near as consistent with their conditioning like Gaylord/Hermitage are. Honestly, at any public course in the area you're typically going to be looking at a 5+ hour round regardless of where or when you go, so you might as well do it at one of the better public options (Gaylord or Hermitage).
  7. I can't speak to the Knoxville or Chattanooga areas, but this is most likely going to eliminate the Nashville metro (Brentwood & Franklin) area from consideration. You'd be hard pressed to find a home for under $1M (maybe $1.5M) in or very near a country club community in Williamson County.
  8. To the OP... This is good advice. Either confirm with your company that you can work remotely in another state for an extended period of time, or don't say a word about it to anyone and hope they don't find out. Due to tax and labor law implications, some companies require employees (even remote ones) to reside in the same state or sometimes even the same city as the company headquarters
  9. Reminds me of a friend that worked at an Apple store in high school. There was a looooooong list of words that they could be fired for using with a customer. It included: broken, problem, crash, etc....
  10. Can't recommend any specific sites, but search for 2019/2020 bags. A lot of places should still have leftover stock and you can get a new (old model) bag for around 20% off typically.
  11. For just 8 people I wouldn't bother with a service. All you need is one (maybe two) houses/condos and two tee times. If you're booking far enough out (which it sounds like you are since the trip is 10 months away) there shouldn't be any reason you can't get back to back tee times at every course you want to play.
  12. Have him notify the tournament committee, officials, or whoever and let them decide if they want to DQ him or not. They may not do anything, but having him call himself should be humbling and downright embarrassing enough that he won't ever do that again. Take away the rangefinder for a little while. Let him know that if he can't follow the rules with it then he doesn't deserve to have one at all. Let him know he has to earn back the right to use one.
  13. Some if not all of these have already been mentioned, but here are the things I've seen work at public/muni courses. Most are common sense but you'd be surprised at how many courses don't do these things. - 10 minutes between tee times - Absolutely no fivesomes - Every golfer must have their own clubs. I've been to courses and have seen a group of 4 golfers all sharing one bag of clubs. They had to literally drive the one cart to every single person's ball between shots and took forever to play. - Every golfer has to be on the first tee at the d
  14. Try giving the PGA (or whatever phone # is on your tickets) a call and ask them about the seating options. They should be able to give you a rundown of what it will look like. I'd be willing to bet that if you explain the situation nicely they may even hook you up with some sort of special access pass that gives you the option of a special seating area or some kind of "early access" so you could make it to a grandstand before they fill up with everyone else.
  15. Could you expand on this par 3 that requires a lay up? I am now really curious.
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