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  1. Tough to answer your question because there is A LOT going on there. Unusual format (2-3-4), even more unusual scores (stableford), addition of handicaps, and etc.... If it were me I'd take a look at how the winning team did on the last 6 holes where they were taking all 4 scores. That would be the best sample size to determine how "good" they really played.
  2. Thanks for posting! If you got to choose the type of headcover (driver, fairway wood, hybrid, etc.) I'd be all over this. Since that doesn't appear to be the case I'll pass on this one.
  3. With pants? Yes With shorts? I'd rather die
  4. Not every player on the US team is a "bomb and gouge" type of player. Growing out the rough would only help about 1/2 the team. Keeping the rough short helps everyone.
  5. Throw a pair of LPGA players in there and you've got yourself one heck of a 3-team match!!
  6. Abh159

    golf galaxy

    Like @Davidv said... They provided you with a free service, and now it seems you are upset that they didn't do "enough" for you during the free service. If you're buying a new car do you get mad when they only let you test drive it around the dealership instead of taking it on a 2-day road trip?!?! If you want to be fit for a driver then pay for a fitting... Otherwise just be happy they even put together a club for you and let you hit it for free.
  7. Like someone else said, I don't really see it when I'm standing over the ball, but I'll see it when I'm behind the putt reading it. I don't know that it's necessarily any specific color. The best way I could describe it is that it's almost like a slightly darker line or "rut". Sort of what you get when you play really early (before they mow the greens) and you hit a putt with dew still on the ground if that makes any sense .
  8. Interesting. Is there a big difference in scores? I would assume with that may players doing a best ball you'd end up with all of the groups finishing right around the same number. Especially if the teams were pretty even in terms of skill level.
  9. I have probably a dozen or so "golf friends". AKA people I play with regularly on the weekends. Of all of them there is really only 1 that I also spend time with away from the course, and I've known him since high school. As a previous poster mentioned... I spend 5-10 hours a week playing golf with those guys so that is just as much if not more time than I spend with my friends who don't golf. The determining factor for making friends is typically a shared interest. I love golf (therefore have golf friends), but I also love other things so I have plenty of non-golf friends that I can do those things with also.
  10. I've never played in or heard of a 4-man best ball team event. I don't really see any way you could adjust the handicaps and have that be fair to all the other teams. I'm sure a number of them would "give up" a player if it meant they could get extra strokes on several holes. Especially when you still have 3 other players. In the past events I've played in, whenever someone drops out of a 2-man best ball you just have the other guy (or gal) play as a team by themselves. No handicap adjustment.
  11. Great point here! I was aware of the tournament fees before I joined my club so I knew what I was getting into, but for people not used to that it can sneak up on you pretty quickly. $300 here, $500 there, and so on throughout the year. Fortunately, my club at least makes all the tournaments "all inclusive" so you just pay the one fee and then it's unlimited food, drinks, etc. I wish my club had a "season ticket". Something like that would have saved me thousands over the years!
  12. Glad to hear you've narrowed it down, and I think you've picked some great places. I've been in and around several of them over the years! I will say that I think you're going to run into the waitlist issue just about anywhere you decide to go. Especially when it's a mid-priced to affordable club near a metro area (Charlotte, Raleigh/Durham, Atlanta, etc.). That's just sort of the state of the game right now. I know where I live (large metro area in the Southeast) we don't have a single, decent private club within 30-40 miles that doesn't have a waitlist at least a year long, and half of those clubs have initiation fees well over $50K. Your best option to get to play right away is probably going to be finding a decent public course where you can get a yearly membership. Tee times will probably still be tough to get there, but at least you'll have somewhere to play while you wait your turn to join a private club.
  13. Should get plenty of info/advice in this thread. Also, as @dugue4 mentioned You may not even be allowed to be the coach depending on your state. I know the state I grew up in you had to be a certified teacher (even if it was just PE or Driver's Ed) and be teaching classes in that school in order to be a coach.
  14. Was in the market for a 1/4 zip with my alma mater's logo recently and ended up going with one from Cutter & Buck. I honestly didn't have high hopes as I've always associated C&B with those oversized 600% cotton golf shirts of the 90s, but considering it was 1/3 the price of the Peter Millar ones I figured I'd give it a shot. I've been shocked at how much I ended up liking it. It fits well (not too baggy and not too tight), is the perfect weight for fall golf / wearing to the office, and it doesn't affect my swing at all like some thinker 1/4 zips do. Plus, as someone who has longer arms I really appreciate that they made the sleeves long enough to cover my wrists.
  15. You can buy an oil cloth from the SC store online. It's only like $10 and you know it's made specifically for your putter. I've had one for around 10 years that I use on my TeI3 and I've never once had to reapply any oil to the rag.
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