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  1. Top = D, 3w, hybrid, putter Middle two = 3 - 5i left and 6i - 8i right Bottom = 9i, PW, 54*, 60* Put your clubs in there however you like. Just don't be that guy that puts his woods in the bottom and short irons in the top. Nobody likes that guy....
  2. Well this is really odd. So are these the only interclub tournaments they have all year? If so, at least they get them all out of the way at once, but it is really odd that they pile them all together like that. Maybe they're trying to get them all in while the weather is warm and before they have to aerate? Either way it seems like extremely poor time management / scheduling on the club's part. It's obviously not fair to all the members who aren't playing in the tournaments, but then again ClubCorp has never really been the "members first" type of organization... In my
  3. Well said. I've noticed a lot of the international posters on WRX don't seem to understand that not every golf course in the US has a rules committee, membership committee, or etc. Sure some private clubs and upscale course have those, but most of the private clubs just have a head pro who will go out and mark the course before a tournament. He/she isn't doing it on a daily basis so most GUR areas are more so "understood" to be there as opposed to being officially designated. Heck I'd bet over 50% of the courses in the US are public places that have a single owner or a
  4. According to the membership section on their website it is by invitation only. It doesn't sound difficult to get an "invitation", but it's definitely something to keep in mind. Invitations for membership are either extended to new property owners of a property with an existing transferable membership or prospective non-transferable members may have a current club Member within their personal social network serve as a sponsor to begin the membership invitation process. For those new to the community who do not know any Members of the Club, our Membership Director can fac
  5. Never been a ClubCorp member and never plan to be, but from everything I've heard/read they primarily seem to be focused on one thing. Maximizing profits. I'm sure there are the random, one off ClubCorp courses that do it right, but it seems to me the vast majority couldn't care less about how the members actually feel. They'll overbook tournaments, allow in too many members, frequently raise dues, and etc. At the end of the day they know that if they run a member off there is another one waiting to join in his/her place. Seems to me like it's about time you start looking at other
  6. My guess is either you need a different lie angle on the longer irons, or the lie angle was off on those out of the factory and needs to be bent to what it is supposed to be. It's not uncommon to have different lie angles within your irons. I do. Mine vary from standard lie to 1* upright. Most (not all) fitters will fit you into one lie angle for all your clubs because that works for 98% of amateurs. If I were you, I'd go to someone you trust with your current clubs and see if the lie angle was wrong initially and needs correcting, or if you just need a different lie
  7. Abh159

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I'll second this. You can definitely call, but if you email you'll get a response very quickly. I'm currently having an issue with a fairway wood I recently received (2 weeks ago) that I'll need to send back to Sub 70 for a repair/replacement. I emailed them on Sunday evening and had a response first thing Monday morning. The downside is they said they aren't able to send me a replacement due to low inventory, but they have offered to repair the head and have it back to me within 4-5 days.
  8. Once the grooves wear out. For some that is 6 months for others it's 2+ years. It just depends on how much you use it. You'll start the notice the grooves begin to sort of "pinch" together before they become smooth. That's when it's time to replace. If you aren't sure, run the pointy end of a tee along the club face from top to sole and if the grooves are wearing out you'll feel the difference between the top of the club and the sweet spot.
  9. It's been a few years since I've been to Memphis so someone else may know better, but I don't remember there being any halfway decent public offerings close to downtown. You're probably looking at a good 30 minute drive or so to get to anything worth playing. There also aren't really any "resort courses" in Memphis so the rental club option might be non-existent.
  10. I've had my hoofer lite for about a year now, and I think a lot of people overexaggerate the club tangle issue. Does my club perfectly glide all the way down into my bag every single time? No, but as soon as you pick it up it drops right in no problem. Also, I've never had a problem pulling a club out of the bag regardless of whether the bag was vertical or not. The pros vastly outweigh the minor con for me. I guess if you had jumbo sized grips it could be a major problem, but I imagine that would be the case with anything besides a staff/cart bag.
  11. I think the adjustment period will vary depending on how involved you (or whoever was caddying) were as a caddy. If the caddy was telling him what club to hit on every shot, where to aim on every putt, and etc. then the adjustment period will be lengthy. However, if the caddy was mainly there to just carry the bag then the adjustment should be minimal. If his recent poor play was due to bad decisions like you said (hitting a driver off the tee that went into the water when a 3 wood would have stopped short of the water for example), then that is something that could easily be avoid
  12. I know you don't want to do it again, but Florida is probably your best bet that time of year. The southeast is an okay option, but as someone else mentioned most of the courses will be dormant by November (except the ones that overseed) so expect brown fairways, rough, and possibly greens. It doesn't mean the coursed will be in bad shape, but if you are wanting lush green grass then you might be in for a surprise. Also, the weather in the southeast is a toss up in November. Could be 80* and sunny one day and then 45* and raining the next. FWIW I grew up in the southe
  13. Sounds like this guy is starting to make a habit of using the "I booked online but they system must have messed up" excuse. Hopefully the pro and everyone else are planning on putting a stop to his nonsense. My club has a pretty good system worked out in my opinion. You can book online up to 72 hours in advance M-F, but if you want a tee time on the weekends you have to call and speak to someone. We don't let singles or twosomes go out before noon on the weekends, and guests aren't allowed before noon on the weekends either.
  14. It would depend on the course for me. If it's somewhere I've been wanting to play or somewhere I know I probably won't get the chance to play ever again then I would go for it. But if it's just a run of the mill course or somewhere I've played before I'm passing. I already have a solid group of golf friends I play with regularly so I don't necessarily need another...
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